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Highest Paying Trucking Companies in US

Posted by Admin on 27. March 2016 21:08

Truck driving is emerging out to be a great opportunity for getting big bucks. Now the truck drivers are not marginalized in a specific group rather the eager drivers of diverse ages and from diverse class are entering in the field. In today’s scenario earning money is not a big deal and here we list some of the reputed transport companies that pay the drivers towering payment that can appear to many as jaw dropping fact. 

6 highest paying trucking companies

Southeastern Freight Lines

Southeastern Freight Lines is the most renowned company of the United States that has marked its importance with their large chain of business. The company maintains relationship with other companies as well as the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. This family friendly company gives a good amount of benefits and compensation and as well as culture and cast a keen eye to lift up the values of the employees. 

United Parcel Service

United parcel service maintains a specific color for their trucks and uniforms to spot their uniqueness in the market. The company has earned much appreciation from the employees as it never thinks twice before giving good pay for their intensive work.

trucking companies

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Trimac Transportation Services

Trimac Transportation Services is a leading company for several of types of cargo transportation. The company has a reputation for giving benefits and training. The company never compromises in their quality while choosing the employees. For the drivers they only take the persons who are approved with CDL and at least experience of one year. Do you want to know their remuneration? They averagely earn $47,000 annually. 

Arkansas Best

Arkansas Best is a nationally acclaimed company that gives a constant flow of satisfaction to the employees in their packing and commodities business across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.  

Interstate Distributor

Interstate Distributor is another firm that has achieved good ratings from the employees. It is operated chiefly from the Western United States but works in nationwide domain. It will be a great delight for the management that its employees take pride for their company and the relation with between the employers and employee is extremely cordial. 


FedEx is one of the most popular packing and transporting company that never compromises with their quality of work. With a good sum of salary they have managed to retain their employees. Their passion of work has turned them a renowned name even in global. 

The career is chiefly designed with the amount of remuneration but amiable nature is also a good thing to prosper. While talking about the truck driving industry, detailed surveys and study has made the statistics to assure that in the USA trucking industry is flourish at its fullest.

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