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Using the Different Roads of USA Means Different Formalities Those Truckers Should Be Aware Of

Posted by Admin on 1. June 2015 21:33

The most basic formalities of acquiring the DOT number from Department of Transport is compulsory for owner operators and truckers for each of their operating vehicles in business, added to the very importance of acquiring the commercial driver license with good medical fitness as applicable for drivers. The federal agency FMCSA involved in regulating the truckers who operate huge loads of cargo plying across two or more states roads should comply with getting the DOT number when the trucker vehicle weighs around 10,000 lbs., and when the 10 to 15 members travel with the paid driver in the truck for transporting, and also when they are carrying hazardous materials. The stricture is very well followed up on all highway roads with the boundaries of each state in USA.

Therefore the  interstate operations means  that when truckers hauling huge cargos across two or more states which is being controlled by the federal agencies like FMCSA coming under the US department of Transportation The intrastate refers to the haulers using the roads of a state within its boundary. There is always a lot of difference as it makes to truckers when comes to whether interstate or intrastate operations. Though the basic guidelines and formalities are always similar to both the operations, especially when it comes to DOT number and also the commercial driver license, the strict regulations are followed up even in intrastate operation by the state transport authorities matching with the regulations of the interstate operations rules. 

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The number of hours of driving for drivers carrying huge loads through trucks is highly regulated and curtailed as they need to drive long distances across two or more states when it comes to interstate operations where-as this rule is relaxed for the drivers hauling within the boundaries of states and therefore the number of driving hours will be more for the drivers in intrastate operations. But Irrespective of whether the interstate or intrastate operations by truckers, the commercial drivers’ license for the drivers to drive such vehicles is very much mandatory in both cases that too passing out with the qualification of good medical fitness as per rules. The drivers belonging to the respective state of USA can apply and get the license from the state transport bodies concerned for each state as per rules of 1986 according to US department of Transportation. 

Basically this strict monitoring measure by the authorities of FMCSA and States concerned  is only to safeguard the interest of the trucking industry as a whole preventing them from accidents, illegal operations and as well as to protect their people and the goods and commodities they carry on business purpose ensuring the safe route to reach the required destinations.  

There is also one another rule from IRS that truckers should follow for this forthcoming HVUT tax season falling in July 2015 which is when their trucks weighs more than 55,000 pounds and used for the distances to crossover the standard prescribed miles then the trucker should e-file IRS HVUT  2290 through the IRS approved tax service partner like us.

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