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Form 2290 Submissions: One Account, Multiple Forms

Posted by Admin on 18. July 2012 12:54

There are not many e-filing service providers that allow for customers to file multiple Form 2290’s without creating a new account. ETax2290 prides itself in efficiency and speed; therefore, we made it a priority to offer such a feature in our e-filing system. This means that a single registered account can file as many Form 2290’s without having to go through the registration process over and over again.  

Not every truck owner/operator has the time or energy to e-file their Form 2290, so friends and family are often asked to help out. Account holders are able to help out their friends and family who are unable to e-file because our e-filing service allows for account holders to file multiple forms regardless of whose business it is being filed for. Tax professionals are able to use our service the exact same way, except for their multiple clients. A single account will allow a paid preparer to file multiple Form 2290s for multiple businesses and multiple vehicles without any issue at all. All a user has to do is log into our system as a returning user and add new business information!

ETax2290 makes it simple for recurring customers to file additional Form 2290’s whether it be for the current filing season or the previous, it can all be done with one registered account. This makes tracking and managing tax documents and payments a lot easier for the filer who will have all their filing records in a single e-mail address. That is probably the best thing about this feature: being able to maintain your records without jumping from e-mail account to e-mail account, it is all in one inbox. Imagine having to register for a new account every time you had to e-file a Form 2290 for a new vehicle? That could definitely become a nuisance real quickly. And since our goal is to make this process as convenient as possible for our customers, we thought this to be a worthwhile feature that could alleviate a lot of stress off of taxpayers. 

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