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The Different Methods for Making Your Filing Payment on ETax2290

Posted by Admin on 9. July 2012 14:41


There are three principal methods for making a filing payment to the IRS through ETax2290: direct debit, electronic federal tax payment service and then mailing a check or money order.

Electronic funds withdrawal (direct debit):
Customers are allowed to authorize a direct debit transaction through their bank account by simply providing their bank routing number, as well as their account number when filing the  Form 2290  through our e-filing service. We heavily recommend this payment option because it allows our customers to receive their Schedule-1’s within moments of submitting their form and payment.

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System:
This is another payment method, but it requires registration on the IRS’s website before use. To get additional information or to enroll in the EFTPS process, visit the EFTPS website at or call 1-800-555-4477 (available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week). Customers need not include their payment voucher with their EFTPS payment. It is very important that filers intending to use the EFTPS payment method register through the IRS or their filing process will be incomplete. In order for EFTPS payments to be timely, customers must commence their payment transaction at least 1 business day before the date the payment is due.

Check or Money Order:
The check or money order payment option is also available. When using this method, customers must also complete both the Form 2290 and Form 2290-V, which is the payment voucher. 

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