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Etax2290, the IRS and Vehicle Registration

Posted by Admin on 25. June 2012 12:50

It is around that time of year when the Heavy Highway Use Tax must be paid and truck drivers need to get their truck registration renewed. This is usually a hectic time of the year but Etax2290 is here with a solution. Etax2290 is an IRS Authorized e-filer for Form 2290 and have proven to be capable of handling the process. Before a truck driver can get his tags renewed he must show proof of payment for the HVUT. This is where Etax2290 comes in.

Etax2290 has simplified the Form 2290 process so that it can be submitted within minutes. Using our system it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to be processed and accepted and the stamped schedule 1 will be emailed to you. This will put customers at ease to know that they will not have to wait long to have the receipt and can get to the DMV to have their registration renewed. This is also good for the IRS because using an e-filing service saves them a great deal of processing time.

The truck driver registering the truck must present proof of payment (stamped schedule 1) for the tax period that includes the date on which the application for registration is filed. In the case of an application filed in July, August, or September of this year, the schedule 1 for the preceding tax period may be used. Section 41.6001-2(b) of the Internal Revenue Code explains that when a state that receives an application to register a highway motor vehicle, they must receive a ''proof of payment" of the tax imposed by section 4481(a).

Another feature that Etax2290 offers is the ability to have your schedule 1 faxed to you. This works if you cannot get the schedule 1 printed correctly. It also helps if you need the schedule 1 sent to another location such as the DMV. We also offer the ability to have the schedule 1 sent to your truck leasing company if they need proof of payment for the HVUT. If you somehow lose any of your information, do not fear because Etax2290 backs all of it up. All you java to do is log in to your account and you can print either the Form 2290 return or the stamped schedule 1 for previous years. 


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