Efile IRS Tax Form 2290 Truck Tax | Highway Heavy Vehicle Use Tax(HVUT) is the IRS authorized efile provider for form 2290 truck tax otherwise called as heavy vehicle use tax(hvut) return. It comes from a series of tax e-file services provided by yakshna solutions inc, which is a leading provider in the tax industry. There are customized packages available for fleet owners as well as tax professionals to file their road tax return with ease. It provides bulk filing features for large fleet owners and 24/7 customer support over phone, chat and email.

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How Form 2290 E-Filing Submissions Work

A few of our customers typically ask questions in regard to our Form 2290 submission process, such as the following: “Can I see the Form 2290 before it is submitted? How do I know if my Form 2290 has been approved? Is there a way to check the status of my submission?” and so on. Today, the Customer Support Team at ETax2290 will answer these questions and give our customers a better understanding of our submission process works and how they are able to keep track of their submissions after they have completed a 2290 form online at

Well, let us start with the questions that are typically asked. ETax2290 customers are unable to view their Form 2290 before they submit it into our system; however, rest be assured, if they have properly input all the correct information into our system as asked then there is nothing to worry about. Our ETax2290 e-filing service has been specifically created to automatically input the necessary information in the correct sections of the IRS’s Form 2290 document, so that customers do not have to stress about constantly reviewing the Form 2290. Once a customer has submitted their details into our system, the ETax2290 team sends them an e-mail with their completed Form 2290, which they can download for their records. 

Customers are able to tell if their Form 2290 has been approved if they receive an e-mail from us with their Stamped Schedule-1 from the IRS. The ETax2290 team only transfers information onto the Form 2290 and submits it to the IRS, we have no authority to approve Form 2290s for the IRS. And for that reason all customers must wait for that official e-mail from us stating whether the IRS has approved their filing or not. 

ETax2290 offers a live tracking service for our customers, so that they are able to keep up-to-date with their filing. Customers simply input their reference number into the “Check Submission Status Page.” Once they enter their reference number, our system will automatically update them with the progress of their filing. So if they have received their Stamped Schedule-1, the system will say so and our customer can move on from there.