Efile IRS Tax Form 2290 Truck Tax | Highway Heavy Vehicle Use Tax(HVUT) is the IRS authorized efile provider for form 2290 truck tax otherwise called as heavy vehicle use tax(hvut) return. It comes from a series of tax e-file services provided by yakshna solutions inc, which is a leading provider in the tax industry. There are customized packages available for fleet owners as well as tax professionals to file their road tax return with ease. It provides bulk filing features for large fleet owners and 24/7 customer support over phone, chat and email.

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Download Stamped Schedule-1 From Our Website

Not all of our customers have quick and easy access to their e-mail addresses, which is where the Internal Revenue Service sends approved and Stamped Schedule-1s to filers. Therefore, we provide other options for downloading the Stamped Schedule-1 after customers e-file a Form 2290. Our website allows for our customers to download their approved Schedule-1s in one of two ways: by going straight to the “Download Schedule 1 Form” link or by going through your registered account through the “Returning Users” link. Each of these methods are quick and easy solutions to downloading the necessary files to show approval of your Form 2290. 

Now, here is how each of the two methods works. To download from the “Download Schedule 1 Form” link, you need to be equipped with your submission reference number as well as your e-mail address and password used to register. Once you have properly inputted the aforementioned information, our system will automatically begin downloading your Stamped Schedule-1. Now, logging in to your account is the more efficient method of retrieving your Stamped Schedule-1 and submitted Form 2290. Here is how you can access those files: Log into your account by clicking the “Returning Users” link, input your account credentials (email and password), scroll down to Business Profile List, look for the business that you are attempting to download either the Stamped Schedule-1 or the Form 2290, click “continue” next to that business name, then you will be at the “Profile History” screen. Customers are able to download their Stamped Schedule 1, as well as download, edit and submit their Form 2290. Once the customer clicks the “PDF” button, the document will automatically download to their computer. This is the Stamped Schedule-1 that is needed to prove your payment of the heavy vehicle use tax, and it is typically independently accepted at the local DMV office.

ETax2290 attempts to make our e-filing process as simple as possible; therefore, we are continually adding different features to improve the e-filing experience for our customers. We understand that a few of our customers do not have efficient access to their e-mail address, so we made sure that there was a way to download the necessary files and documents from our website. Now, all customers are able to download their Stamped Schedule-1 and submitted Form 2290.