Efile IRS Tax Form 2290 Truck Tax | Highway Heavy Vehicle Use Tax(HVUT) is the IRS authorized efile provider for form 2290 truck tax otherwise called as heavy vehicle use tax(hvut) return. It comes from a series of tax e-file services provided by yakshna solutions inc, which is a leading provider in the tax industry. There are customized packages available for fleet owners as well as tax professionals to file their road tax return with ease. It provides bulk filing features for large fleet owners and 24/7 customer support over phone, chat and email.

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Bulk Filing of Form 2290

ETax2290 offers a Form 2290 bulk e-file feature of electronic filing that is intended for those filers who are simply too busy or have numerous vehicles to file the Form 2290 for. In order to clear up any confusion regarding our Bulk filing aka “Premium Service” we have decided to walk customers through the process of utilizing this option, so follow along-

Upon registering for our e-filing service, our system prompts the filer with two options: “Self Service,” aimed for filers who are willing to incrementally input their vehicle(s) information and then there is the “Premium Service,” which allows the tax experts at ETax2290 to properly file the Form 2290 for each of a customer’s vehicles. For the purposes of this walk through, the filer should select the “Premium Service” option and continue to the next screen.

Once the filer gets to the next screen, they are presented with four steps: downloading the excel file, inputting the appropriate information into the excel file, uploading the updated excel file and then paying the filing fee.

Step 1: 

Click the hyperlinked “here” button, which will commence the download of the necessary excel sheet where the filer will input all their information. The filer should be able to find the excel file in the “Downloads” folder of their documents.

Step 2: 

The filer must go from tab to tab and accurately input all the required information. The first tab relates to the company information, which includes the basic rundown: business type, business name, employer identification number, and business contact information. The next three tabs are all related to vehicle information, so here is where the filer will input their vehicles’ identification numbers, taxable gross weight and vehicle type. The Taxable Truck Info tab is only to list vehicles that are not considered suspended and need to be paid for. In this tab, the filer will list their truck’s vehicle identification numbers, their taxable gross weights, whether it is a logging or agricultural vehicle or not, and any additional comments. Next is the Credit Claim tab, which is to be filled out if the filer is looking to be compensated through tax credits from the IRS. This tab requires the vehicle identification number of the vehicle needing compensation for, the reason for the credit, the weight of the vehicle, whether the vehicle is used for logging purposes, the tax that was paid, the tax that the IRS used and then tax credit amount due to the filer. Then there is the Suspended Truck tab, where all the suspended vehicles should be listed with their vehicle identification numbers, weights and mileage. Finally, the filer will approach the IRS Payment tab, which is where they choose their payment selection (Direct Debit, EFTPS or Check/Money Order) and input the necessary information. Make sure to constantly save this document so that none of your data is lost!

Step 3: 

The filer must then upload their completed excel sheet to our system, so that it can begin processing.

Step 4: 

The filer will now commence the e-filing payment fee dependent on the amount of trucks they needed to have filed.

And that’s it! Your “Premium Service” ticket will be sent to the tax experts at our offices and we will take care of the rest. Make sure to stay up to date with your filing status by checking your e-mail account. If you have any questions regarding your status or the e-filing process, feel free to contact the ETax2290 Customer Support team at (703) 229-0326 or