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A father is a person who changes our life and takes care of the entire family. If your father is from the trucking industry,  he is bundled with a lot of responsibilities.  His nights are sleepless, always on the road, constantly on the move and no leisure time to spend with the families. In between those hurdles, your trucking dad brings you all the happiness to the home. So get a chance to celebrate him and his hard work for the family in this coming Father’s day. This year Etax2290 also takes part in rewarding all the trucking dads in this Father’s day by offering Flat $5 OFF on Form 2290 E-file fee. So if you are a son or a daughter of a trucker dad and searching for a perfect gift to wish your dad on this father’s dad, then tell your dad about etax2290’s offer on Form 2290 for this Father’s day. So that, your father reduces flat $5 off from e-file fee.

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Thinking why you need to present your dad with this offer?  There are multiple benefits while referring this offer. First, when you are referring this Flat $5 offer to your dad, you reduce his financial burden to some extent and secondly, your dad will be proud of you, as you are considering more about him and his job. Finally, you no need any money to buy this gift. So you are saving your dad’s money and proving yourself more responsible. Isn’t it great? Say thanks to your trucker dad with a reward.

Why E-file Form 2290 with Etax2290?

Having said about the benefits of picking the Father’s day offer, we just need to say why you need to e-file your IRS 2290 Form with Etax2290. We offer step by step walk through instruction hence it becomes a cakewalk to the tax filers and completes the process quickly. Processing time for schedule 1 takes only a few minutes. You get a discounted price for bulk filing and the VIN corrections are absolutely FREE.

When you own a fleet and you find it difficult to manage all the vehicle details in that scenario our system can support you. Our application supports unlimited vehicle filing and importantly you can manage all the vehicle information in a single account. Hence it makes your vehicle and business information organized, safe and secure.

Additionally, you can get a free instant tax audit and text notification. Yes, application status and receive stamped Schedule 1 alert on your mobile.  Apart from that, what to do if you are stuck up in the middle of the filing process? Our customer team support can guide you throughout the process.

Customer Support for Form 2290 is all set to accept the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax return for the financial year 2017-18 on a pre-filing basis. For any queries, assistance and regarding the Father’s day offer,  you can ring us at (703)-229-0326 Or drop a mail at

Are You Ready for CVSA International Roadcheck 2017

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Yeah, it is time for 30th annual International Roadcheck Inspection 2017 and kick starts from June 6-8 across the U.S and Canada. Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) certified commercial vehicle inspectors conduct inspections of commercial vehicles and their drivers over a 72 hour period. Every year a particular category of violations is given additional focus, and this year the attention is towards the cargo securement. When checking for compliance, safe cargo securement regulations will be a part of roadside inspections. And that is the main reason why CVSA is focusing mainly on Cargo Securement Safety this year as a reminder of its significance to highway safety.


What you need to know about Roadcheck 2017

Roadcheck is one of the largest targeted enforcement programs in the world. On an average 17 vehicle inspections are made in a minute. The main objective of this program is to encourage the safe operation of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs). Initially, the inspectors will be conducting the North American Standard Level I inspection which is considered as a thorough Roadside Inspection.

This inspection consists of 37 step procedure which includes examination for both driver operating requirements and vehicle mechanical fitness. At the time of inspection, the drivers are required to provide the items such as their

  1. Driver license,
  2. Hours of service documentation,
  3. Motor carrier registration
  4. Shipping documentation

The inspectors will also check for the proper use of seat belts and influence of alcohol/ drugs. The inspection of the vehicle also includes the following: 

  1. Cargo securement
  2. Brake systems
  3. Frames
  4. Exhaust Systems
  5. Steering Mechanisms
  6. Coupling Devices
  7. Driveline/ driveshaft
  8. Fuel systems
  9. Suspensions
  10. Lighting devices
  11. Tires
  12. Wheels
  13. Rims and hubs
  14. Windshield wipers
  15. Emergency Exits
  16. Van and Open top trailer bodies. 

More than 1.5 million roadside inspections are conducted are conducted during the International Roadcheck Campaigns.

Location and Date:

The United States, Mexico, and Canada are the countries that participate in the International Roadcheck, a CVA program with the participation by the U.S Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (Mexico), Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators and Transport Canada. The International Roadcheck inspection runs over 72 hour period (3 days) and this year the program starts from June 6 to 8 2017.

Important Notes:

As said earlier, CVSA has a special focus on a specific category of violation every year. And this year the program focuses on the cargo securement. As this area is a standard inspection but this year the inspectors will have a more detailed look. Inspectors check for the issues related to the cargo securement violations: 

  • ·    Failure to prevent shifting or loss of load.
  • ·    Damage tie-downs (unacceptable connect on chain or cuts/tears on web straps)
  • ·     Failure to secure truck equipment (doors, spare tires, dunnage, tags etc)
  • ·     Inefficient tie-downs
  • ·     Loose tie-downs.

This year as a part of the 30th annual International Roadcheck celebration, CVSA is offering a limited edition of double sided anniversary coin. Purchase an anniversary coin for $5 for members and $10 for non-members. Remember the supplies are limited.

Do's and Don'ts - E-filing your Form 2290 with IRS

Posted by Admin on 7. June 2017 13:59

As a taxpayer, you will be aware of how to file Form 2290? And benefits of pre-filing and e-filing Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT)? But a trucker must know “What to do?” and “What not to do?” while e-filing your Form 2290 with IRS. When you familiarize with the “do’s” and “don’ts” while preparing IRS 2290 Form you can save yourself from filing 2290 amendment or 2290 corrections. This saves much of your time and effort. So here you go with a list of Do’s and Don’ts of E-filing IRS 2290 Form.


Do’s of E-filing Form 2290

Do Form 2290 Pre-File:

The tax filer can pre-file Form 2290 with Etax2290 for the forthcoming tax year throughout the month of June. It is always recommended to pre-file your Forms. This gives relief from filing tax for the year instead of worrying about the tax throughout the year. Remember only last minute tax filing attracts more errors and corrections. Once you have pre-filed the tax with Etax2290, we will transmit your Form 2290 to the IRS during the tax season which begins on July 1st.

Do Keep Your Tax Records:

It is always safe to keep your record details like mileage and trip information. This could help you if you need to file for suspended vehicle and this serves as a proof that your vehicle is under the mileage limit. So keeping your tax records could save you in many ways. When you file with Etax2290, you are ensuring that you are keeping the records safe and secure for years.

Do Acquire your Employee Identification Number (EIN):

To file a Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) you must have EIN, note that you cannot file Form 2290 with your Social Security Number (SSN). If you do not have an EIN you must apply immediately with no further delay, as it may take few days to active your EIN in the IRS system. Only after successful update in the IRS system, you will be able to pre-file or e-file your IRS 2290 Form.

Do Know Basic Details of your Vehicle:

As a professional trucker, you must know the basic details about your heavyweight vehicle such as VIN and Gross Vehicle Weight in order to file your Form 2290 correctly. Calculating Gross Vehicle of the vehicle is simple, and it can be done by summing up the following three numbers.


  • 1.       Unloaded weight of the vehicle.
  • 2.       Unloaded weight of the trailer.
  • 3.       Maximum weight of the cargo that is carried by the vehicle or trailer.

 Do Identify the Types of Taxable Vehicles:

4.   A regular heavyweight vehicle will weigh 55,000 lbs or more, and driven more than 5,000 miles on public highways. These vehicles come under the regular taxable vehicle and you file your IRS 2290 Form as normal and pay the applicable heavy vehicle use tax.

5.   Suspended vehicles can be either agricultural vehicle or any heavy vehicle that has driven under the mileage limit for the given tax year. For the heavy vehicle the mileage limit is 5,000 and for agricultural vehicles, the limit is 7,500. When you have a suspended vehicle, you only have to file HVUT and you do not owe any other tax.

6.   Vehicles that are used for agriculture and farming comes under agricultural vehicles. These vehicles have some exception in mileage limit; these vehicles can be driven up to 7,500 miles on the public highway until they are not considered as a suspended vehicle.

7.   Logging vehicles are used to transport forest materials from a foresting site; else it can be referred as a vehicle which transports forested material from one site to the other. Companies or truck drivers who use logging vehicles can pay tax less for the given tax year. So ensure to specify that you are driving a logging truck while filing Form 2290 online.

Do Pre-file or E-file with

Great people think wise and they opt for Etax2290 to file their tax returns. As an IRS certified tax service provider, we keep your records safe and secure. Our tax filings are accurate and done by professional tax experts. Just a click is a way to connect with us

Don’ts of E-filing Form 2290

Don’t file your 2290 form at the last minute:

When there is an option to pre-file your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290, why are you waiting to file your tax returns till last minute? For instance, if you are filing the tax return at the last minute and your form get rejected for some reason. Then you are at the risk of missing the 2290 deadline and also you are inviting penalties for late filing. So when you pre-file your Form 2290, you get enough time to correct your mistakes.

Don’t put away your Trip sheets:

The trip sheets are more important and accomplish its purpose when you plan to file for a suspended vehicle. Keeping the records safe, it will help you in filing any sort of taxes. So filing your Form 2290 with Etax2290 will help to keep your records safe and you can track the details when needed.

Don’t file your tax with New EIN:

Generally, it takes about 2 weeks for your EIN to become active. When you file any tax return before the EIN becomes active, the form will be rejected. EIN is a prime factor while you file Form2290. So have your EIN ready well before applying the tax returns considering the activation time.

Don’t guess the tax filing details:

While filling the tax and other details about your heavyweight vehicle ensure that you are entering the correct VIN, and Gross Vehicle Weight. If you are entering incorrect GVW, then you may end up in paying more than the actual HVUT amount. It also invites problem when the scales in the weigh station and the stamped schedule 1 does not match.

Don’t Miss Your Saving:

When you are using a logging vehicle or suspended vehicle for transportation, then you are eligible for a tax discount. And when you use the agricultural vehicle you have extra 2,500 miles from the mileage limit.(Agricultural vehicle mileage limit is 7,500 miles). Hence ensure to specify what kind of vehicle you are using, so that you will be eligible for some tax savings.

So do not waste your time in waiting for next tax year to start. Let us begin pre-filing Form 2290 with Etax2290. If you have any queries while e-filing or pre-filing Form 2290, don't hesitate to give us a call at 703-229-0326 or you can drop an Email at for 24*7 support. 






Pre-file HVUT Form 2290 for 2017-2018 Tax Year with ETAX2290

Posted by Admin on 1. June 2017 14:03

Time runs fast and we just need to cope up with it. Relaxing after the current tax year 2016-17? Why not think about 2017 – 2018 tax year? Are you thinking it is too early? No, not at all. In order to stay ahead, it is wise to pre-plan our activities. So why not prepare ourselves for 2017 – 2018 tax years, as IRS offers you with a pre-filing option for HVUT form 2290?

Pre-File HVUT Form 2290 in 2017 to 18 Tax Season

The trucking industry is one of the busiest industries in the United States and the truckers are always on the go. A trucker will never find a proper time to rest and it is not his fault; it is all due to the nature of work. As a trucker, it is your responsibility to file your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) for the given tax year. When you are on the move it is hard to file the IRS 2290 Form before the due date. Taking everything into account IRS has given a pre-filing option to e- file Form 2290.

Pre-filing your tax returns Form 2290 is similar to e-filing Form 2290 for the given tax year. Other than that, Pre-filing lets to reduce the tax burden of the forthcoming tax year and you no need to worry about the 2290 due date. It helps to concentrate more on driving instead of stressing yourself with the 2290 tax calculations. And when you pre-file now, you get to know the tax amount you owe. You can save the money accordingly and pay them by August 31.

Why you Need to Pre-file your Form 2290?

Apart from reducing your stress, there are numerous reasons why you need to pre-file your Form 2290 for the upcoming tax year. Just read on: 

  • 1.       The tax filer can Pre-file the Form 2290 now and can pay later. You can also save the filing at any stage and you can pay them when feasible.
  • 2.       When you are pre-filing, you get three months of time to save your tax amount.
  • 3.       The tax filer gets plenty of time to correct the Form in case it is rejected and file them again before the 2290 deadline.
  • 4.       Only last minute tax filing results in the incorrect form submission, as it is made in a hurry.
  • 5.       You can get your Stamped Schedule 1 before other tax filers, instead of waiting for weeks.
  • 6.       When you pre-file you reduce the risk of late penalty. You no need to pay any extra amount except the e-filing service fee.

  How Pre-filing Works with ETAX2290?


  • 1.       If you are a new user, register with Else if you are existing user, enter into “Login”.
  • 2.       Enter your business and vehicle information if you are a new user. If you are an existing user, you find the saved information of your business and vehicle. You can simply click on the vehicle to file your IRS 2290 Form.
  • 3.       Fill the required details and select appropriate option to continue your 2290 tax filing.
  • 4.       You get to know the accurate tax amount that you owe to IRS.
  • 5.       Choose your payment option.
  • 6.       Before submitting the form you can review for corrections.
  • 7.       Note that you can save at any stage of the process and you can continue later.
  • 8.       After successful submission and IRS acceptance, you receive the Stamped Schedule 1 and you can download them from your dashboard.

 So do not waste your time in waiting for next tax year to start. Let us begin pre-filing Form 2290 with Etax2290. For customer service assistance ring at 703-229-0326 or you can drop an Email at



Form 2290 Amendments Return for Form 2290 Electronic Filing

Posted by Admin on 6. May 2017 11:10

Form 2290 or Heavy Vehicle Use tax is filed by owners of heavy weight vehicles whose gross weight is more than 55000 pounds and uses the public highway for transportation during the financial year.

This Form 2290 is used in multiple ways such as:

     To claim credit for destroyed, sold or stolen vehicle for which the tax has been paid previously.

     To pay the tax due which is acquired and used during the taxable period.

 Form 2290 Amendments

Purpose of IRS 2290 Amendments

Form 2290 Amendment is done under two scenarios. When you find an error in filing Form 2290 truck tax return, the tax filer must amend their return in order to correct the error.  In other cases, if your vehicle information is wrong or changed from the previous Form 2290 then 2290 amendment is must in order to report to the IRS.

Requirements of Form 2290 Amendments

There are three types of amendments in Form 2290.

1.    When there an increase in taxable vehicle’s gross weight.

2.    When suspended vehicles exceed mileage use limit.

3.    When there is need to correct VIN.

Increase in Gross weight of Taxable Vehicle

When the gross weight of your taxable vehicle increase or falls under another category, after filing your heavy vehicle use tax return 2290 then you must report an amendment.

Suspended Vehicle Exceeding Mileage use limit

Mostly, you must have assumed that your vehicle will be used within the mileage limit of 5000 miles (7500 miles for the agricultural vehicle) on the public highway for transportation. In such case, you need to calculate the excess mileage which the heavyweight vehicle operated. And it needs to be added as an additional tax for the mileage increase using Form 2290 online and it is referred as 2290 amendments.

VIN Correction

If you have filed the VIN is an error in the previously filed Form 2290, then VIN correction can be made to correct the mistake. This VIN correction can also be filed for taxable or suspended vehicles but not applicable for vehicles that were suspended in a previous year.

Other Instructions for Filing Form 2290

1.    Form 2290 must be filed for the tax period of July 1, 2016, to June 30, 2017, for all taxable heavy weight vehicles.

2.    When you are filing for more than 25 vehicles, then it must be filed electronically.

3.    In order to complete the Form 2290 online, you need to provide the details of your Employee Identification Number (EIN), Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and gross weight of each vehicle for which the tax has to be filed.

4.    Check Amendment Return option when you are reporting an additional tax for an increase in weight of the taxable vehicle and when the suspended vehicle exceeds the mileage limit.

5.    When filing an amendment return, enter the increased gross weight in another case the exceeded mileage along with the month in the provided space next to Amendment Return option on Form 2290.

6.    File the amendment Form 2290 and Schedule 1 by last day of the month in which the vehicle exceeded the mileage limit.

These amendments are easily filed electronically through Etax2290. Our expert team guides you to file Form 2290 tax return efficiently and quickly in minutes. Etax2290 helps you in filing VIN correction for FREE. We process your application instantly and assure that you get your stamped Schedule 1 in minutes. 

Best and Worst States for Having Trucking Company in 2016

Posted by Admin on 7. April 2017 06:58

The trucking industry is fast developing in the United States of America. There are more and more people getting into the truck driving profession mainly because of the acute shortage of truck drivers in the industry. There is an increase in the demand for finished goods throughout the country and this is the reason why there is the need of truck drivers throughout the nation. Around 500,000 for-hire trucks are operating on the road at present and this number is increasing steadily every year. The US trucking industry has been successful in making above $700 billion which is an industry record. However, the costs of equipment and hiring drivers have increased and this has made it difficult for the small trucking companies to function in a smooth manner. The expenses have further grown with the companies being forced to increase the salaries of the truck drivers and offer bonuses. The government regulations have also played an import role in this sphere. Getting personnel and new equipment are the two luxuries that the small companies are not able to afford.

Worst  and Best States for Small Trucking Companies

Small and medium sized truck companies are not being able to cope up with the new government regulations. These companies generally do not have sufficient cash needed for hiring truck drivers or to be used in emergency situations. It is important to note that the small truck companies are important for the avoiding the exorbitant shipping costs throughout the nation. The small companies are needed for the success of the shipping industry. So, which are the best and the worst places to drive a truck or own a truck company in the United States of America? Let us first have a look at the best states for driving a truck or owning a truck company in the US.

Best States to Maintain a Small Trucking Company 

1. Tennessee

2. Washington

3. Oklahoma

4. Texas

5. Indiana

Worst States to Maintain a Small Trucking Company 

1. California

2. Virginia

3. Ohio

4. New Jersey

5. Massachusetts

The Best Help for Small Trucking Companies

 Small trucking companies can get their required funds through alternative financing. However, it is important to consider that nowadays banks do not give out business loans which are less than $200,000. Therefore, the small trucking companies look out for other options that can help them in operating in a smooth manner. The trucking industry is growing in demand but at the same time, the costs needed to operate the trucking companies are also growing. In this scenario, merchant cash advances play an important role in providing sufficient funds to the trucking companies. There are many states in the United States which are trying to accommodate to the truckers along with trucking lifestyle but they are very few in number.

E-Filing Form 2290 Truck Tax For The Year 2016 - 2017

Posted by Admin on 7. June 2016 06:57

The HVUT or heavy vehicle use tax form is also called highway vehicle use tax form and it is reported annually based on the gross taxable weight of the heavy vehicles owned by companies or drivers. To be explained in simple terms, people who register a heavy vehicle with taxable gross weight of around 55,000 pounds and more are required to file IRS form 2290. E-filing is always the best option for paying theses taxes as it makes way for quick processing of the tax returns. It also enables the payers to receive the watermarked Schedule 1 from the IRS immediately. E-filing tax form 2290 enables the payers to accept the 2290 return immediately after it gets approved by the IRS.

Difference Between The Electronic and Paper Procedures

There are a lot of people who have one question in mind when trying to file their tax returns electronically. The question is will the paper filed 2290s handled in a different way when compared to the ones which are e-filed? There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that there are certain differences in processing electronically filed tax returns verses the paper returns. The paper returns tend to be processed manually.

Paper Returns

In paper returns, it becomes very difficult to trace and correct mistakes or errors. For example, if paper returns are filed consisting of duplicate copies of VINs or vehicle identification numbers, they cannot be traced very easily. The IRs accepts them and charges the vehicle owners for the taxes that they might be owing. This means that the heavy vehicle owners end up paying twice. The paper returns can easily be filed a number of times and they are accepted immediately. However, payers need to either mail the filled in tax forms or visit the IRS office in person. Record keeping is very important in paper filing tax form 2290. The filers need to preserve the stamped Schedule 1 and the form received from the IRS for around three years because the IRS can audit almost any time. coming to the electronically filed tax returns, they can easily be submitted more than once.

Electronic Returns

Electronic filing is far more convenient in comparison to paper filing because mistakes and errors in the form filing procedure are traced very easily. This saves the filer from paying twice the amount that he or she actually needs to pay. The form can even be re-submitted electronically for making the corrections needed to the VINs. The filers receive electronic versions of Schedule 1 along with the watermark of IRS and the date of approval. Electronic filing is convenient and simple and the best thing is that it can be done almost anywhere and at anytime provided you have a computer along with internet connection.

Truckers and fleet-owners must e-file form 2290 for this HVUT period without fail

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Everything that Truckers Need to Know About Form 2290

Posted by Admin on 18. April 2016 20:27

The companies that make the effective use of heavy vehicles like trucks are required to report an IRS form 2290. This is the heavy vehicle use tax or HVUT form which needs to be filed once in a year for automobiles that weigh more than 55,000 pounds. The taxable weight can easily be determined by tallying the unloaded and the loaded weight of the vehicle and its trailer. It is very important to file the HVUT or 2290 tax form appropriately in order to avoid any kind of difficulty for the service providers and truck owners and even for avoiding fines.

Particulars of Tax Form 2290 Filing

It is necessary for truck drivers to have a clear understanding of the particulars for filing the heavy vehicle use tax by making use of form 2290. IRS or the Internal Revenue Service works in the form of a government agency responsible for collecting taxes. It is necessary for truck drivers to report IRS 2290 form for all new heavy automobiles on the last day of the month post using the vehicle. Post spending the tax, truck drivers need to submit a proof of payment with the registration proof of the vehicle to the state inspectors. Payment proof can come in the form of a receipt along with stamped Schedule 1 from the IRS 2290 form. They also have the flexibility of submitting a duplicate copy of their fully completed HVUT form along with the duplicate copy of the back and the front of terminated check which they used for paying the levy. $550 is the maximum tax payable amount on a yearly basis.

truck tax 2290

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Electronic Filing for More than 25 Heavy Vehicles

The companies that possess more than twenty-five heavy vehicles are required to carry out an electronic IRS 2290 form filing. The electronic form filling procedure can easily be carried out on the internet while taxes can be paid using credit cards. There are other electronic digital payment facilities that can also be used by these companies. The original copy of the digital receipt serves as evidence of payment. In case of payment made through credit cards, the credit card statement which indicates the deal details serves as the proof of payment.

Why is it Important to Pay the Heavy Vehicle Use tax?

It is important for tuck owners and drivers to pay the heavy vehicle use tax because heavy vehicles are the ones that cause major damages to the public highways. Trucks result in splits and other damages to public freeways turning out to be hazardous for the car owners who use the same roads. The money collected in the form of taxes from the heavy vehicle owners and drivers is used by the government for the preservation, repair and upkeep of the highways and the roads.


Truckers and fleet-owners must e-file form 2290 for this HVUT period without fail

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Highest Paying Trucking Companies in US

Posted by Admin on 27. March 2016 21:08

Truck driving is emerging out to be a great opportunity for getting big bucks. Now the truck drivers are not marginalized in a specific group rather the eager drivers of diverse ages and from diverse class are entering in the field. In today’s scenario earning money is not a big deal and here we list some of the reputed transport companies that pay the drivers towering payment that can appear to many as jaw dropping fact. 

6 highest paying trucking companies

Southeastern Freight Lines

Southeastern Freight Lines is the most renowned company of the United States that has marked its importance with their large chain of business. The company maintains relationship with other companies as well as the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. This family friendly company gives a good amount of benefits and compensation and as well as culture and cast a keen eye to lift up the values of the employees. 

United Parcel Service

United parcel service maintains a specific color for their trucks and uniforms to spot their uniqueness in the market. The company has earned much appreciation from the employees as it never thinks twice before giving good pay for their intensive work.

trucking companies

Src: Flickr

Trimac Transportation Services

Trimac Transportation Services is a leading company for several of types of cargo transportation. The company has a reputation for giving benefits and training. The company never compromises in their quality while choosing the employees. For the drivers they only take the persons who are approved with CDL and at least experience of one year. Do you want to know their remuneration? They averagely earn $47,000 annually. 

Arkansas Best

Arkansas Best is a nationally acclaimed company that gives a constant flow of satisfaction to the employees in their packing and commodities business across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.  

Interstate Distributor

Interstate Distributor is another firm that has achieved good ratings from the employees. It is operated chiefly from the Western United States but works in nationwide domain. It will be a great delight for the management that its employees take pride for their company and the relation with between the employers and employee is extremely cordial. 


FedEx is one of the most popular packing and transporting company that never compromises with their quality of work. With a good sum of salary they have managed to retain their employees. Their passion of work has turned them a renowned name even in global. 

The career is chiefly designed with the amount of remuneration but amiable nature is also a good thing to prosper. While talking about the truck driving industry, detailed surveys and study has made the statistics to assure that in the USA trucking industry is flourish at its fullest.

The Top 5 Traits of a Truck Driver

Posted by Admin on 28. February 2016 23:57

Communication is a key to achieving progress in each and every sector. This is very true in the case of the companies that are engaged in the business of providing transportation of the people. Among different types of transportation, trucks play an important part in the particular sector. The demands for good truck drivers are always on the rise. For this very reason many youngsters in the various countries of the USA are opting for taking up this as the career option. Apart from being a good money maker, this is a good way for you to travel in different parts of the country, meet new people and see new places. 

Qualities for becoming a good truck driver

As it is true for other professions, you need to have certain qualities for becoming a good truck driver. Without these qualities you will not be able to survive for long in this sector. The following are some of the qualities that are required to make a good truck driver:

1. Driving skills

If you are a truck driver, you will be spending most of the time on the roads. The roads will be your best friend as well as your greatest enemy. You need to be able to control the roads with your skillful driving. You will be spending most of the time behind the steering wheel, manning the huge vehicle. Thus the first and the foremost quality that you need to have is the skill of driving the truck in such a way that no harm comes to you, the other travelers on the road and to the truck as well.

truck 2290

Src: Flickr

2. Communication skills

While you are on the roads, you will need to be in constant contact with the owners of the company and the clients, from the start of the loading till the end of the delivery process. Thus, it is absolutely necessary for you to learn the skills of maintaining a proper contact with all the parties. Even in times of distress, a set of good communication skills can save the day for you.

3. Boldness

A life of a truck driver is always full of adventures and challenges. You must be bold enough to face any unforeseen situations in a proper manner. This will help you if you happen to fall in any type of danger. You must have the courage to see danger in the eye and stare it down. 

4. Alertness

You must always stay alert when you are behind the wheel of the truck. A slight lack of alertness on the road can cause many deadly accidents.

5. Technical knowledge

It is possible that the truck may break down in the middle of nowhere. There you will have to take matters in your own hand and fix the truck, be it in a temporary manner and get to a safe and secure location for the time being. For this, a good truck driver must have the technical know-how of the various machinery parts if the truck.

Thus, if you have all the above mentioned skills in you, then you can step into the shoes of becoming a successful truck driver in the USA.