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IRS Now Accepting Renewal Applications for ITIN Expiring by 2017 Year End

Posted by Admin on 24. July 2017 12:16

The IRS has started accepting the renewal applications for Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs), which are expiring by the 2017-year end. Hence, the taxpayers are alerted to submit the renewal applications quickly in order to avoid the last minute haste and any processing delays. The taxpayers whose ITINs are expiring and who need to file a tax return in the year 2018 required submitting their renewal application and other who have a valid ITIN does not require any action. The taxpayer who holds the ITIN with middle digits 70, 71, 72, or 80 must be renewed even though it is been used in the last three years.  A taxpayer who holds the middle digit 78, and 79, which is expired can renew their ITINs.


Family Options:

In another case, if the taxpayer receives a mail from the IRS then the taxpayer can select to renew their ITIN along with their family’s ITINs even the family members hold their ITIN with middle digits other than 70, 71, 72 or 80. Here, the family members refer to the taxpayer, spouse and any dependents who claim on the tax return.

Errors in the ITIN Application:

The errors in the ITIN renewal application such as missing information the insufficient supporting documentation makes the application processing slow and makes few applications to keep them on hold. Before sending the application to the IRS, the applicants must thoroughly check the Form W-7, and the Application for IRS (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) ITIN.  For further assistance, the taxpayer can sort the help of a Certified Acceptance Agent or by consulting an IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center (TAC).

How to Renew an ITIN:

In order to renew an ITIN, FormW-7 is required. The taxpayer must complete the Form W-7 and submit all the required documentation. If you are, a taxpayer who needs to renew ITIN need not attach a federal tax return when you have submitted a Form W-7. Nevertheless, the taxpayers must write the reason for the need of an ITIN on the Form W-7. For more information, you can check the detailed instruction in Form W-7. You can submit the W-7 application in three ways as follows.

      1. You can email the Form W-7 with the original identification documents or along with the certified copies by the agencies that issued them. Address of the IRS is as listed in the instructions part of Form W-7. As soon as the IRS receives the documents, reviews the identification documents and return them within 60 days.

2.       Tax payers can work with the Certified Acceptance Agents (CAAs), which is authorized by the IRS to assist the taxpayers to apply for an ITIN. A CAA can certify the identification documents for both primary and secondary taxpayers; they can certify the correctness of the ITIN application before submitting to the IRS. A CAA also certifies birth certificates and passports for the dependents. With the contribution from the CAA, a taxpayer saves a lot of time, instead of mailing the originals to the IRS.

3.       The taxpayer has an option to call and fix an appointment at a designated IRS taxpayer assistance center and can avoid sending the original identification documents by mail to the IRS.

Avoid Common Errors and Prevent Process Delays

Federal returns, which have an expiry ITIN in 2018, can be submitted and processed. Still few of the exemptions and other tax credits are not allowed. The tax payers who have an expiring ITIN are notified through email stating the need to change their tax return and remains about the renewal of their ITIN. When the tax payer renews the ITIN, all the applicable exemptions and the tax credits are restored automatically. In case, if there was a refund it will be processed.

There are factors, which delays the process of the application. This is due to several common errors slows down and hold the ITIN renewal applications. The most common mistakes include missing information or insufficient supporting document. Hence, the Internal Revenue Service advises the tax payers to carefully check the application, correct the application if there were errors and finally send to the IRS.

The taxpayer must also note that the IRS does not accept the passports that do not have a date of entry into the U.S.In addition, they are considered as a stand-alone identification document for the dependents from other countries such as Canada or Mexico, else for the dependents of U.S military personnel overseas. If the dependent’s passport does not have a date of entry stamp in the passport, then the following additional document is required in order to prove as the resident of the U.S.

    • 1.       Medical records of U.S for the dependents whose age is fewer than six years.
    • 2.       School records of U.S for the dependents whose age is less than 18 years.
    • 3.       School records of U.S., rental agreements or statements, bank statements or utility bills, which contains the name of the applicant and the U.S address if the age is more than 18 years.

In order to spread and increase the availability of the ITIN services across the nation, especially in the communities that have high ITIN usage, the IRS is keen in recruiting a Certified Acceptance Agents and Applications are invited throughout the year. Therefore, if you are a volunteer at tax preparation, community outreach partners or interested individuals go through the program changes and requirements.

How Does Form 8849 Effect My 2290 Form?

Posted by Admin on 19. July 2017 10:27

Cool! Form 2290 tax season is started with Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT), everyone has a lot of confusions and questions in their mind. While e-filing your Form 2290 you will get the notification about Form 8849, but what is that? No idea about why 8849 is coming in 2290 Form filling, don’t worry today I’m going to explain about the 8849 confusions.

Form 8849 is used to Claim a Refund of Excise Taxes Form. Excise taxes are taxes paid on goods or purchases are made specific goods such as gasoline and often inserted in the price of the product. Attach Schedules 1,2,3,5 and 8 other than Schedule 6 to claim fuel related refunds like nontaxable uses of fuels. For the claims that are not reportable under Schedules 1,2,3,5 and 8 can attach Schedule 6, including refunds for federal excise taxes reported on Form 2290 (Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return).




How Form 8849 Affects 2290 Online?

There are a number of reasons why a tax payer must file Form 8849. The most common reasons to pick 8849 Form is when the vehicle is sold; stolen, destroyed; mileage has not exceeded the limit, over paid or mistakenly filed. In that case, the taxpayer can include Form 8849 request on the same Form 2290 tax return. Then the credit will be applied towards the new vehicle thus saving the time and money.

It is not mandatory to file 8849 with IRS 2290 Form always. For instance, when your vehicle did not exceed 5,000 mileage limits which are the minimum requirement during the tax period. In that case, you are eligible to mail credit refund.

Recently a new option was added which is Over Payment or mistakenly filed Form. This could be helpful when the tax payer has filed a Form 2290 for a truck, then bought a new truck during the tax period. Here when the tax payer mistakenly added the first truck, while filing IRS 2290 Form for the new truck. Here the IRS system will not find that there duplicate Forms and the tax payer will end up paying twice for one vehicle. In that scenario, the tax payer can file 8849 Form to request the money back.

Keep it remember! After the filing of Heavy Vehicle Use Tax  (HVUT) 2290 Form only worth the IRS for respective tax year then only you can able to file Form 8849 with IRS.  

If you are ready to file Form 8849, the name and address need to match with the IRS saved file.  You can call and know your information via IRS directly at 1-800-829-1040.  

If you had filed 2290 Form, you should have EIN number. For filing excise tax returns you need EIN number to complete your tax return with IRS. If you don’t have Employee Identification Number (EIN), apply EIN online and it will take 15 days to get an active e-filing system.

Other Information about Filing Form 8849

1.   The tax payer can claim his/ her credit for the tax paid on the next Form 2290 which is filed in the same or next tax year.

2.   The tax payer also can claim a refund of the tax paid on Form 8849, Schedule 6. The amount depends on the type of the claim whether the vehicle was sold, stolen or destroyed.

3.   When the tax payer had paid the tax already on a vehicle which was used less than 5,000 miles, then tax payer can claim a credit on the first Form 2290 which they file for the upcoming tax year. The claim or credit for this refund cannot be filed until next tax year.

4.   In order to apply for a credit for the current tax year, fill line 5 and follow the 2290 instructions and file your return.

5.   In general, a claim should be filed before 3 years of filing the returns to which the claim relates. In another case, 2 years from when the tax is reported on that return was paid, whichever is later?

6.   If the tax payer does not file a return within 2 years of the date, then the tax payer overpay the tax actually.

For other instructions related to Form 8849, you can visit our customer support team through or call us at 703.229.0326, where your queries are answered on time.

OOIDA's ELD Appeal Rejected by Court - OOIDA's Challenge Options

Posted by Admin on 17. July 2017 13:31

Electronic Logging Devices or ELD’s are an electronic solution, which assists the professional truck drivers and other commercial motors to track their Hours of Service (HOS) compliance easily and more conveniently. These electronic logging devices are the perfect replacement and upgrade to current automatic onboard recording devices (AOBRD) which track the driver’s record of Duty Status (RODS).

The United States enacted the bill “Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century” in the year 2012, which is referred as MAP-21. The bill contained the FMCSA requirements to develop the rule mandating the use of Electronic Logging Devices. It also required the commercial truck drivers to upgrade from the current version of Record of Duty Status (RODS) and Hours of Service (HOS) systems to ELD’s so that comply with HOS regulations.

The Appeal of OOIDA'S ELD in Court

In 2016 September, the OOIDA (Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association) contended their case against the Department of Transportation to overturn the ELD mandate. Their argument contained five points mainly that formed the base of the case.

1.   EID does not record enough information automatically due to the intervention of the human in the system process: This rule proved contrary to the law as it allows the EIDs that are not fully automatic. It seeks to pit one statutory need against the other rather than leaving the agency to balance the competing policy goals, which is endorsed by the Congress.

2.   The term “driver harassment” is not perfectly defined in the system and fails to safeguard the harassment rule: The agency considered the input from the drivers, motor carriers, and trade organizations. Hence, the agency gave a reasonable definition of the term “driver harassment”.

3.   The cost-benefit analysis of the agency was not adequate and did not justify the implementation of the EID rule: The agency has no need to conduct this analysis, which was mandated by the Congress. Still, if the analysis is mandatory, the provided studies are adequate.

4.   The agency did not provide the confidentiality protection for the drivers: The agency implemented a realistic approach in order to protect the drivers in this regard.

5.   The ELD mandate imposes an unconstitutional search and seizure on truck drivers: The agency summarizes that there is no violation found in Fourth Amendment. Here the rule itself imposes a search or seizure on an ELD recorded data that fall within the “pervasively regulated industry” exception to the warrant requirement. 

OOIDA Challenge Ways 

Initially, on April 11th, the OOIDA counsel trailed a petition for Writ of Certiorari with the Supreme Court and filed the law suit in March 2016 on various backgrounds, which include the violation of the electronic logs, the Fourth Amendment of the U.S Constitution.

On June 8th, 2017, the OOIDA challenged the U.S. Supreme Court to begin the process of deciding if it can accept the group’s challenge to the electronic logging mandate. The justices hold a conference to review the petitions on pending cases and could announce a decision on OOIDA’s petition before it adjourns for summer in June.

The U.S Supreme Court mentioned that it would not hear a lawsuit against the DOT rule requiring the truck operators to use the electronic logging devices to track the track hours of the service. On March 2016 OOIDA brought the lawsuit against the DOT and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. In the following month, it ruled against the OOIDA, which favored the DOT by dismissing all the OOIDA’s argument against the mandate.

The U.S Supreme Court outranked the 7th circuit appellate court. When the OOIDA filed a writ of certiorari to take up the case the justices of the Supreme Court conferred on the appeal of OOIDA on June 8th. Later, it issued the decision on the following days, which effectively ends the OOIDA’s court challenge.

For more driving and trucking tips visit and please comment your views about OOIDA'S appeal rejected by the court with challenging options in the comment section below.



Common Mistakes Should Avoid by Rookie drivers

Posted by Admin on 10. July 2017 12:29

Getting lost without GPS, running out of fuel and missing signs. All those points one thing in common. Guess what? These are the common mistakes that the rookie drivers make. The mistakes may seem to be silly but it may cost much of your time and money. And at times it may be risky. Listing some of the common mistakes that the rookie drivers make and some tips on how to avoid them.

Rookie Drivers Must Avoid These Mistakes 

  1. With the excitement of new job, the rookie drivers don’t listen to the instructions and the suggestions of veteran drivers properly. This is the first and major mistake that most rookies do. In spite of all those training, you need to gain some professional real-time experience. So when the experienced truck driver gives you some suggestion, it is for your betterment so take it.
  2. Understand your nature of the job and then start it. Many new truckers expectations about the work and the nature of the work might mismatch. This is a trucking industry and you cannot expect a fixed timing work routine, the work may demand to stay away from home, no night sleep and so on. So accept the changes and give your best towards the work.
  3. A truck inspection is a must whenever you take the truck out of the dock. Even if you are running behind your schedule, climatic conditions or least concerned about the truck, it is advisable to have a truck inspection.
  4. Ensure that the tires are in good condition, check the fluid levels, signs of damage to the truck, and check the breaks, lights before you start your trip. Failing to those safety checks will increase the personal liability in the event of any accident or injury.
  5. Make sure that you are following the road rules by the government, never miss out signs, and ensure your speed limits. These simple acts can save you from any undesired happening on road.
  6. Load your truck with enough stuff like cool drinks, water, food, tissue papers, medicines, and first aid kit. These could help you in all adverse situations and helps to keep you healthy.

Way to go Rookie Drivers

Every rookie drivers start their trucking career with different levels of skills and experience. When you understand the job, understand the work limits, stick with the rules, and avoid bad habits you ensure that you will have a fruitful career in the trucking industry. Way to go rookie truckers!!!

For more driving and safety tips visit and please comment your tips about rookie drivers mistakes with the solution in the comment section below.



Press Release:E-file Form 2290 for 2017-18 Tax Year, Hurry up Truckers to Avoid Rush in Season

Posted by Admin on 7. July 2017 10:31

Etax2290 is an authorized e-file service provider to file your HVUT Form 2290 electronically. Etax2290 have immense experience in the tax-filing, Released a new press release to benefit the customers before the end of due date. 2290 Excise tax season started from July 2017 to June 2018 tax year, here we attached the video that takes you through the entire tax filing process. Etax2290 also announces the open slot for the taxpayers to e-file Form 2290 for the tax year 2017-18. So hurry up truckers to e-file your HVUT tax Form 2290 and get your Schedule 1 within minutes. Our expert's customer support team will help you in entire e-filing process through or Call us 703.229.0326 or connect with Live Chat button. We are so happy to help and support 24*7 of our customers.

Say no to Paper Filing, Efile IRS HVUT 2290 Forms on July 4th Offer

Posted by Admin on 4. July 2017 12:18

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced that they will not mail Form 2290 package to Federal Excise Tax, a few years back. This initiative was made, as IRS wanted to encourage E-filing. If you have more than 25 vehicles, you must file Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290 in the tax year. is mandatory.  Apart from that, IRS actively encourages the trucking companies and the truckers to file the IRS 2290 Form electronically for genuine reasons, as e-filing, the forms are easy, quick and safe.

E-file IRS 2290 Form with Etax2290 on July 4th 

Many experienced tax filers may opt for E-filing option when compared to the traditional paper filing methods. It is natural to stumble, when trying out a new version or when transforming from one method to another; and E-filing is not exceptional in that. Fortunately,  you got where you can file your Form 2290 comfortably with full assistance. You can e-file Form 2290, Form 229o Amendments or other tax forms related to Heavy Vehicle Use Tax through electronically.

You are assured of multiple benefits when you e-file 2290 Form with Etax2290. Just read on to find the advantages of E-filing and we are sure that you will say “No more paper filing”.

Tax Calculations

Mathematics, one of the toughest subjects for many of us and when comes to tax calculations it even troubles us more. Importantly, the IRS 2290 tax calculations are always a puzzle for us. But Etax2290 can help you in that scenario and the system ensures to never miss a cent in the tax calculation. Hence the taxpayer does not pay a single penny extra or underpay the tax and helps to avoid unnecessary risk of penalties.

Error-Free Forms

It is easy to say, “double check the tax document before submission, in order to minimize errors”. But it is hard to find the errors when you are filing manually. When you are filing electronically, you can minimize the errors and you can review the form before submitting to the IRS. This could help to avoid errors, even when you are filing Form 2290 at the last minute.  For instance, when you are filing the IRS Form 2290 at the last minute and IRS finds an error and returns back. Then you need to correct and send it back to the IRS. This increases your time, money and effort.  Hence it is safe to opt for Efiling where you avoid adverse situations.

Instant Notification

When you are e-filing Form 2290 through etax2290 you get a regular notification about the status of your application. The processing time for Schedule 1 takes only a few minutes. And you get stamped Schedule 1 alert on your mobile.

Discounts & Offers

In addition to all of the benefits that you get from HVUT e-filing, when you e-file through etax2290 you get discounts and offers. When you file bulk tax returns, you get special discounts on that and while you file your returns on special days you get an offer. For more information on discounts and offers contact our customer service team immediately.

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Apart from the above discussion and benefits of E-filing, millions of trees wasted to do paper filing. While E-filing you are reducing the usage of papers and saving the environment to some extent. So join hands with etax2290 by e-filing Federal excise tax and Go Green. Happy Filing Americans on July 4th. 

Tell to Your Friend about and Its Special Offer

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Sharing is always a best practice. When you are benefited out of something, it is wise to recommend with your friends. You are a joyful customer of etax2290 and why cannot you share the benefits of tax filing with When you tell a friend about etax2290, it means you are more concerned about their benefits and are sharing the most important thing that they need while filing 2290 form.

Why It Is wise to choose

We can help you out in listing the benefits that you get while you choose etax2290 for filing your Form 2290. Just go on.


  • 1.     As a trucker you are always on a move, so you do not find ample time to file your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) on time. understands your situation better and provides a complete Mobile friendly site. Hence you can fill Form 2290 on the go from anywhere and anytime.
  • 2. provides Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)Correction at FREE of cost for their valuable customers. To opt this free service the customers can contact etax2290 via e-mail or call us. Once the request is placed, processes the application and takes essential steps to make sure that the IRS does not double charge the tax to the customers.
  •  3.    Filing Form 2290through is simple and it is 4 Step Process. For a new customer, you need to register for FREE, Login into your account, Fill the tax details, and submit the information.
  • 4.    We ensure that our tax professional customers get exclusive pricing; each and every e-filer has a single account access which allows unlimited filings under that account.
  • 5.    Etax2290 electronic filing service makes e-filing process a lot easier and quicker as etax2290 offers a user-friendly interface. We save much of your time and effort as you know need to wait in IRS office queue.
  • 6.   According to the guidelines of IRS when you are filing tax for more than 25 vehicles, it is mandatory to file them electronically. It may be hectic when filing tax returns or Form 2290 for a dozen of fleets. But offers a better way to file, we offer bulk upload feature which allows the tax professionals to upload hundreds of trucks in minutes. And more importantly, you can discount for bulk filing.
  • 7.   Etax2290 offers the customers a relaxing experience when you follow our documented instructions and review on-screen hints.
  • 8.  Etax2290 ensures to process your application instantly and you get stamped Schedule 1 in minutes. With us you get instant tax audit and text message notification. We keep our tax payers updated on the status of their application.
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  • 12.   For detailed instructions about filing Form 2290, recent updates of IRS rules and IRS contact numbers, check our etax2290 FAQ section.

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E-file Form 2290 VIN Corrections Return for Free at Etax2290

Posted by Admin on 22. June 2017 09:27

Free Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Corrections is exclusively provided by etax2290, for our valuable customers. To opt for our free service the customers can contact etax2290 via e-mail or call us. Once the request is placed, processes the application and takes essential steps to make sure that the IRS does not double charge the tax to the customers.

VIN Corrections – An Overview

Mistakes are common while you are filing Form 2290 tax return. All those errors can be corrected in some way, either through money or other efforts. But can you believe that you can correct the mistakes without any cost and effort? Surprising right? Just read on.

As the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your heavy vehicle for which you filed Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT), comes with 17 characters. And those characters are mixed with numbers and letters; hence it is common that some typos are likely to happen. In some case, we may have entered ‘O’ instead of number ‘0’ zero. Both look similar to our naked eye, but the IRS is expert in catching out our faults for having incorrect VIN. To avoid such unlikely condition, it is better to double check your VIN and file a free correction with As you have filed the Form 2290 already and paid the IRS to receive stamped schedule 1, you are in a position to solve this VIN problem as early as possible.

Purpose of Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Under the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regulations, a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) consists of 17 characters and it is assigned to the vehicle for identification purpose. The main aim of the VIN system is to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of vehicle recall campaigns or defects related to motor vehicle safety. The VIN system is also vital to law enforcement officials as an anti-theft mechanism, for identification purpose of insurance companies, for researchers to identify the vehicles during crash investigation program, titling purposes, and to state governments for vehicle registration.

Each and every vehicle has a VIN, which is assigned at the time the vehicle is manufactured. And it is unique for each vehicle, and no two vehicles have the same number. The VIN is used to track the vehicle’s insurance policies, reports of accidents and other related incidents. In order to memorize your VIN better, check how the VIN is formed. The 17 characters of the VIN is divided into three parts: Identifier of World Manufacturer, Vehicle Descriptor Section and Vehicle Identifier Section.  When you split the VIN according to the groups, it makes easier to keep the number in mind.

Things to Remember before Free VIN Correction

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind before proceeding to VIN corrections.

  • VIN corrections are done only for taxable or suspended vehicles, and not for credit vehicles or for previously suspended vehicles.
  • If you are filing a VIN Correction  Form 2290, it cannot be combined with other credits claim on the same form.
  • The incorrect VIN form must be a paid original IRS 2290 Form. Failing to do that will attract penalties on top of the actual tax from the IRS.

So what are you waiting for? Incorrect VIN in the IRS 2290 Form? No worries. Visit to make free VIN corrections instantly and on time. 

Flat 25% OFF on Form 2290 E-file Fee on this Father’s Day!

Posted by Admin on 17. June 2017 07:24

A father is a person who changes our life and takes care of the entire family. If your father is from the trucking industry,  he is bundled with a lot of responsibilities.  His nights are sleepless, always on the road, constantly on the move and no leisure time to spend with the families. In between those hurdles, your trucking dad brings you all the happiness to the home. So get a chance to celebrate him and his hard work for the family in this coming Father’s Day. This year Etax2290 also takes part in rewarding all the trucking dads in this Father’s Day by offering Flat $5 OFF on Form 2290 E-file fee. So if you are a son or a daughter of a trucker dad and searching for a perfect gift to wish your dad on this father’s dad, then tell your dad about etax2290’s offer on Form 2290 for this Father’s Day. So that, your father reduces flat $5 off from e-file fee.

Etax2290 wishes all the trucker dads a Happy Father’s day and reminds the pre-filing time of Form 2290 is going on and end on June 30, 2017. 

Why Flat $5 off on this Father’s Day at Etax2290?

Thinking why you need to present your dad with this offer?  There are multiple benefits while referring this offer. First, when you are referring this Flat $5 offer to your dad, you reduce his financial burden to some extent and secondly, your dad will be proud of you, as you are considering more about him and his job. Finally, you no need any money to buy this gift. So you are saving your dad’s money and proving yourself more responsible. Isn’t it great? Say thanks to your trucker dad with a reward.

Why E-file Form 2290 with Etax2290?

Having said about the benefits of picking the Father’s Day offer, we just need to say why you need to e-file your IRS 2290 Form with Etax2290. We offer step by step walk through instruction hence it becomes a cakewalk to the tax filers and completes the process quickly. Processing time for schedule 1 takes only a few minutes. You get a discounted price for bulk filing and the VIN corrections are absolutely FREE.

When you own a fleet and you find it difficult to manage all the vehicle details in that scenario our system can support you. Our application supports unlimited vehicle filing and importantly you can manage all the vehicle information in a single account. Hence it makes your vehicle and business information organized, safe and secure.

Additionally, you can get a free instant tax audit and text notification. Yes, application status and receive stamped Schedule 1 alert on your mobile.  Apart from that, what to do if you are stuck up in the middle of the filing process? Our customer team support can guide you throughout the process.

Customer Support for Form 2290 is all set to accept the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax return for the financial year 2017-18 on a pre-filing basis. For any queries, assistance and regarding the Father’s Day offer,  you can ring us at (703)-229-0326 Or drop a mail at

Are You Ready for CVSA International Roadcheck 2017

Posted by Admin on 12. June 2017 07:07

Yeah, it is time for 30th annual International Roadcheck Inspection 2017 and kick start from June 6-8 across the U.S and Canada. Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) certified commercial vehicle inspectors conduct inspections of commercial vehicles and their drivers over a 72 hour period. Every year a particular category of violations is given additional focus, and this year the attention is towards the cargo securement. When checking for compliance, safe cargo securement regulations will be a part of roadside inspections. And that is the main reason why CVSA is focusing mainly on Cargo Securement Safety this year as a reminder of its significance to highway safety.


What you need to know about Roadcheck 2017

Roadcheck is one of the largest targeted enforcement programs in the world. On an average 17 vehicle inspections are made in a minute. The main objective of this program is to encourage the safe operation of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs). Initially, the inspectors will be conducting the North American Standard Level I inspection which is considered as a thorough Roadside Inspection.

This inspection consists of 37 step procedure which includes examination for both driver operating requirements and vehicle mechanical fitness. At the time of inspection, the drivers are required to provide the items such as their

  1. Driver license,
  2. Hours of service documentation,
  3. Motor carrier registration
  4. Shipping documentation

The inspectors will also check for the proper use of seat belts and influence of alcohol/ drugs. The inspection of the vehicle also includes the following: 

  1. Cargo securement
  2. Brake systems
  3. Frames
  4. Exhaust Systems
  5. Steering Mechanisms
  6. Coupling Devices
  7. Driveline/ driveshaft
  8. Fuel systems
  9. Suspensions
  10. Lighting devices
  11. Tires
  12. Wheels
  13. Rims and hubs
  14. Windshield wipers
  15. Emergency Exits
  16. Van and Open top trailer bodies. 

More than 1.5 million roadside inspections are conducted are conducted during the International Roadcheck Campaigns.

Location and Date:

The United States, Mexico, and Canada are the countries that participate in the International Roadcheck, a CVA program with the participation by the U.S Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (Mexico), Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators and Transport Canada. The International Roadcheck inspection runs over 72 hour period (3 days) and this year the program starts from June 6 to 8 2017.

Important Notes:

As said earlier, CVSA has a special focus on a specific category of violation every year. And this year the program focuses on the cargo securement. As this area is a standard inspection but this year the inspectors will have a more detailed look. Inspectors check for the issues related to the cargo securement violations: 

  • ·    Failure to prevent shifting or loss of load.
  • ·    Damage tie-downs (unacceptable connect on chain or cuts/tears on web straps)
  • ·     Failure to secure truck equipment (doors, spare tires, dunnage, tags etc)
  • ·     Inefficient tie-downs
  • ·     Loose tie-downs.

This year as a part of the 30th annual International Roadcheck celebration, CVSA is offering a limited edition of double sided anniversary coin. Purchase an anniversary coin for $5 for members and $10 for non-members. Remember the supplies are limited.