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Reasons Behind the Shortage of Truck Drivers in the Trucking Industry

Posted by Admin on 16. March 2017 00:38

The falling pay and the high costs of driving are the main reason behind the shortage of truck drivers in the driving industry. According to experts, this situation is likely to get worse in the near future. In the month of June in 2013, the new rules pertaining to driving hours were implemented. The main objective behind implementing the rules was limiting the use of 34-hour restart. Truck drivers and even the other motor vehicle drivers have around 70-hour per week cap on the amount of time that they can operate on the road. Truck drivers could reset this cap artificially to zero posts taking 34 consecutive hours off previously but this is not possible nowadays. This is the reason why around 80% vehicles have gone through the loss of productivity with half of them stating that they are in need of drivers for hauling freight.


Reasons for Shortage of Truck Drivers in Trucking Industry 


Violating Rules

The small operating companies or the owner firms are dropping in number due to the increased cost of maintenance and operations. This has forced the drivers to experience the choice of either leaving their profession or joining the larger truck companies that offer low wages. With the regulations and the controls tightening on a regular basis, more and more drivers who are employed in the trucking industry are found moving to the other industries. This is because they want to get easy riddance with the regulations implemented for governing their operations. Companies put a lot of pressure on the truck drivers when it comes to violating rules. Drivers need to go through a lot of issues when trying to go by the federal rules and this has forced them to quit their driving jobs.

Less Time Spent at Home

Another problem with the truck drivers is that they do not have enough time to spend at home with their families. Truck drivers generally haul oversize loads and they are out of home for more than five to six weeks. This is another reason why truck drivers are moving out of their profession and choosing to go for professions that offer them the scope of spending a good time with their families.

Getting Completely Squeezed

It is important to note that the truck drivers who possess less bargaining power or experience get completely squeezed. People who are new into truck driving do not have any idea about the significant costs that they need to incur in maintaining the truck. These drivers are paid by the mile or on an hourly basis. Some of them even get a percentage of the total load. Some companies try squeezing everything out of the drivers while paying them very less for the services they provide. These are some of the valid reason behind the shortage of professional truck drivers in the trucking industry.

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E-Filing Form 2290 Truck Tax For The Year 2016 - 2017

Posted by Admin on 7. June 2016 06:57

The HVUT or heavy vehicle use tax form is also called highway vehicle use tax form and it is reported annually based on the gross taxable weight of the heavy vehicles owned by companies or drivers. To be explained in simple terms, people who register a heavy vehicle with taxable gross weight of around 55,000 pounds and more are required to file IRS form 2290. E-filing is always the best option for paying theses taxes as it makes way for quick processing of the tax returns. It also enables the payers to receive the watermarked Schedule 1 from the IRS immediately. E-filing tax form 2290 enables the payers to accept the 2290 return immediately after it gets approved by the IRS.

Difference Between The Electronic and Paper Procedures

There are a lot of people who have one question in mind when trying to file their tax returns electronically. The question is will the paper filed 2290s handled in a different way when compared to the ones which are e-filed? There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that there are certain differences in processing electronically filed tax returns verses the paper returns. The paper returns tend to be processed manually.

Paper Returns

In paper returns, it becomes very difficult to trace and correct mistakes or errors. For example, if paper returns are filed consisting of duplicate copies of VINs or vehicle identification numbers, they cannot be traced very easily. The IRs accepts them and charges the vehicle owners for the taxes that they might be owing. This means that the heavy vehicle owners end up paying twice. The paper returns can easily be filed a number of times and they are accepted immediately. However, payers need to either mail the filled in tax forms or visit the IRS office in person. Record keeping is very important in paper filing tax form 2290. The filers need to preserve the stamped Schedule 1 and the form received from the IRS for around three years because the IRS can audit almost any time. coming to the electronically filed tax returns, they can easily be submitted more than once.

Electronic Returns

Electronic filing is far more convenient in comparison to paper filing because mistakes and errors in the form filing procedure are traced very easily. This saves the filer from paying twice the amount that he or she actually needs to pay. The form can even be re-submitted electronically for making the corrections needed to the VINs. The filers receive electronic versions of Schedule 1 along with the watermark of IRS and the date of approval. Electronic filing is convenient and simple and the best thing is that it can be done almost anywhere and at anytime provided you have a computer along with internet connection.

Truckers and fleet-owners must e-file form 2290 for this HVUT period without fail

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Safety Rules that Need to be Followed by Truck Drivers

Posted by Admin on 28. April 2016 21:16

A lot of Americans are unaware of the fact that their nation heavily relies on its trucking industry for the economy to function in the proper manner. Trucks in the United States serve as visible evidences of the smooth working condition of the US economy. Truck industry is fast developing in the US and the nation is in need of truck drivers for keeping up with the rising demand. Serving or pursuing a career in truck driving is considered honorable. The work of a truck driver is rewarding because the nation gets its supply of goods needed on a regular basis. It is also a profitable profession and an adventurous one too as drivers get the chance of exploring all the major areas in the United States. However, for the ones who want to serve as truck drivers in America, there are certain rules and regulations that they need to follow.

The number of accidents that keep on increasing on a regular basis has forced the Department of Transportation in America to come up with strict rules and regulations regarding truck driving. The rules implemented by the FMCSA or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration are the ones that need to be followed by the truck drivers strictly and they are as follows:

Rule 1

Truck drivers in the United States need their Licensing and Registration permit for obtaining their freight tank number which is given by the FMCSA. This will offer proper registration to the drivers. The FMCSA is the agency of the Federal Government that carries out the job of keeping data regarding truck driving safety in the United States. Drivers need to have this in mind that there are extra registrations needed for complying with the safety regulations if they deal in hauling hazardous materials.

truck driving

Rule 2

Drivers in the United States are restricted from working for more than 11 continuous hours in a 14-hour window. This rule implemented by the FMCSA needs to be followed by the drivers religiously. Drivers in US are also required to have a daily record of their rest and work times. They need to present their records to officials whenever they are requested to do so.

Rule 3

Safety regulations implemented by the Federal Government are obligatory on the drivers and they need to be properly observed by the truckers. Truck drivers are required to have a proper understanding of the road safety rules and trucking regulations for avoiding any kind of accidents.

Rule 4

Truck drivers in the United States need to be aware of the fact that they will have to go through a test that determines drug and alcohol abuse. They must have a clear understanding of the results of breaking this trucking regulation. The drivers can lose their livelihood if they break this important rule.


Src: Flickr 

So these are some of the basic rules that are meant to be a part of trucking industry. Stay tuned for more such informative articles.


Truckers and fleet-owners must e-file form 2290 for this HVUT period without fail


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Everything that Truckers Need to Know About Form 2290

Posted by Admin on 18. April 2016 20:27

The companies that make the effective use of heavy vehicles like trucks are required to report an IRS form 2290. This is the heavy vehicle use tax or HVUT form which needs to be filed once in a year for automobiles that weigh more than 55,000 pounds. The taxable weight can easily be determined by tallying the unloaded and the loaded weight of the vehicle and its trailer. It is very important to file the HVUT or 2290 tax form appropriately in order to avoid any kind of difficulty for the service providers and truck owners and even for avoiding fines.

Particulars of Tax Form 2290 Filing

It is necessary for truck drivers to have a clear understanding of the particulars for filing the heavy vehicle use tax by making use of form 2290. IRS or the Internal Revenue Service works in the form of a government agency responsible for collecting taxes. It is necessary for truck drivers to report IRS 2290 form for all new heavy automobiles on the last day of the month post using the vehicle. Post spending the tax, truck drivers need to submit a proof of payment with the registration proof of the vehicle to the state inspectors. Payment proof can come in the form of a receipt along with stamped Schedule 1 from the IRS 2290 form. They also have the flexibility of submitting a duplicate copy of their fully completed HVUT form along with the duplicate copy of the back and the front of terminated check which they used for paying the levy. $550 is the maximum tax payable amount on a yearly basis.

truck tax 2290

Src: Flickr

Electronic Filing for More than 25 Heavy Vehicles

The companies that possess more than twenty-five heavy vehicles are required to carry out an electronic IRS 2290 form filing. The electronic form filling procedure can easily be carried out on the internet while taxes can be paid using credit cards. There are other electronic digital payment facilities that can also be used by these companies. The original copy of the digital receipt serves as evidence of payment. In case of payment made through credit cards, the credit card statement which indicates the deal details serves as the proof of payment.

Why is it Important to Pay the Heavy Vehicle Use tax?

It is important for tuck owners and drivers to pay the heavy vehicle use tax because heavy vehicles are the ones that cause major damages to the public highways. Trucks result in splits and other damages to public freeways turning out to be hazardous for the car owners who use the same roads. The money collected in the form of taxes from the heavy vehicle owners and drivers is used by the government for the preservation, repair and upkeep of the highways and the roads.


Truckers and fleet-owners must e-file form 2290 for this HVUT period without fail

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Take A Look At Some of the Weird Model Trucks

Posted by Admin on 10. April 2016 21:16

There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that every individual has something weird in his or her past. There are different weird things that happen in the lives of people living in different parts of the world. But, have you wondered the kind of strange and weird trends that the trucking industry might have experienced in the past? Truck designers have tried their level best in improving the entire art associated with the trucking industry by making use of extravagant designs. The designers have done this over the decades with the objective of bringing the trucking industry into a new future. No doubt, trucks have become more efficient lately but what about their looks and their appearances. Let us have a look at some of the most weird model trucks from the past. You never know, they might also be the future!

1964 GSM Bison Model Truck

 1964 GSM Bison Model TruckSrc:

This freight transporter was introduced in the year 1964 at the New York World’s Fair. This vehicle featured a design that was turbine based. It also featured a completely electronic mechanism of loading and unloading the standardized cargo containers. This truck never appeared in the trucking industry but there were other turbine-based engines that made their way with a completely different concept.

Chevrolet Turbo Titan III Model Truck

 Chevrolet Turbo Titan III Model Truck


The Turbo Titan III model truck from Chevrolet featured a turbine engine. The truck was introduced in those times when the government rules were very light and gas was affordable. This truck was designed as the next generation of transport industry with three lends headlights, twin dial steering mechanism and swing-up windows. However, during the 70s, with a rise in emissions and costs, it became difficult for this model truck to appear in the transportation industry.

Steinwinter Supercargo 2040 Can Under Concept

 Steinwinter Supercargo 2040 Can Under ConceptSrc:

This is a very strange-looking truck that has been designed with the aim of reducing aerodynamic wind and drag resistance. The truck appears very similar to a skate with fewer blind spots and Recaro seats. It became unpopular among the truck drivers because of a number of handling problems.

Colani Spitzer Silo Model Truck

 Colani Spitzer Silo Model Truck

This truck was conceptualized in the 70s and it made a resurgence recently post the universal fuel troubles.

Walmart’s Wave Model Truck

 Walmart’s Wave Model truck

The WAVE is a model truck designed by Great Dane Trailers, Capstone Turbine and Peterbilt is association with Walmart. The truck offers advanced level of trucking experience to the truck drivers by making use of hybrid drive-train that is turbine powered. 

Mercedes Benz EXT 92 Model Truck

 Mercedes Benz EXT 92 Model Truck

The Mercedes Benz EXT 92 model truck premiered at the Frankfurt Motor Show in the year 1992. This truck used the technologies from different transportation sectors and was packed with features for creating a very quite stir. These are some of the weirdest looking trucks that had been designed in the past with some models being expected in the near future.



Truckers and fleet-owners must e-file form 2290 for this HVUT period without fail

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Tips to Pursue Career as Truck Driver

Posted by Admin on 3. April 2016 21:42

truck drivers

The truck drivers are enjoying their work for diverse reasons. The job provides them elasticity while they are earning sufficient amount of money in an easy way. If you want to pursue your career as a truck driver then following some tips can be effective for a better result.

From all sense, it’s a lucrative career option if you love meeting new people, driving and travelling. Some of you may be anxious to think that truck driving is a full time job but good cargo packing companies do not let their drivers work the whole day rather the job seems to revolve in the scheduled hours throughout the week. While choosing it as a lifelong career option, you must delve into some unavoidable facts before deciding on taking the final step.

Benefits of Becoming a Truck Driver

The truck driving career entails some amazing benefits

• Short time span for learning, but initially a high rate of remuneration

• The vacancy will never get shorter and it’s easy to find the job even for those who do not have experience

Img Src: Flickr

• There is no pressure of losing the job if the company runs with less profit. Even if any such mess happens, finding another option is an easy thing

• Like all other jobs the drivers are entitled with health and other benefits that include the family care

In this profession, you may work according to your preferable hours but the hours you will devote won’t be some light-hearted passing moments rather you need to be focused and immense burden of responsibility will be there on your mind. Prior to that, getting official clearance to run the vehicle on the road is an obligatory thing. There will be some tough and strict tests to clear for license clearance. Notably the license tests for the trucks seem to be complex ones. Thus proper lessons are needed before appearing with application for the test. If once you get rejected then possibility of receiving CDL or Commercial Driving License will turn into an impossible goal. 

At the preliminary stage, the truck drivers get an annual salary of about $30,000 but if you are running some sort of heavier fleet trucks then the amount of remuneration can escalate. In most of the cases you do not require four year degree of lessons at the initial stage but the eligibility to enter the arena somehow solely depends on the recruiter and companies that are hiring you as a driver. The class of license varies from A to C and the pay rates even relied upon the grade of license. However, now it’s meaningless to repeat that attending a driving school is mandatory but beyond this thing one need to almost 8 to 10 tiring hours.

Highest Paying Trucking Companies in US

Posted by Admin on 27. March 2016 21:08

Truck driving is emerging out to be a great opportunity for getting big bucks. Now the truck drivers are not marginalized in a specific group rather the eager drivers of diverse ages and from diverse class are entering in the field. In today’s scenario earning money is not a big deal and here we list some of the reputed transport companies that pay the drivers towering payment that can appear to many as jaw dropping fact. 

6 highest paying trucking companies

Southeastern Freight Lines

Southeastern Freight Lines is the most renowned company of the United States that has marked its importance with their large chain of business. The company maintains relationship with other companies as well as the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. This family friendly company gives a good amount of benefits and compensation and as well as culture and cast a keen eye to lift up the values of the employees. 

United Parcel Service

United parcel service maintains a specific color for their trucks and uniforms to spot their uniqueness in the market. The company has earned much appreciation from the employees as it never thinks twice before giving good pay for their intensive work.

trucking companies

Src: Flickr

Trimac Transportation Services

Trimac Transportation Services is a leading company for several of types of cargo transportation. The company has a reputation for giving benefits and training. The company never compromises in their quality while choosing the employees. For the drivers they only take the persons who are approved with CDL and at least experience of one year. Do you want to know their remuneration? They averagely earn $47,000 annually. 

Arkansas Best

Arkansas Best is a nationally acclaimed company that gives a constant flow of satisfaction to the employees in their packing and commodities business across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.  

Interstate Distributor

Interstate Distributor is another firm that has achieved good ratings from the employees. It is operated chiefly from the Western United States but works in nationwide domain. It will be a great delight for the management that its employees take pride for their company and the relation with between the employers and employee is extremely cordial. 


FedEx is one of the most popular packing and transporting company that never compromises with their quality of work. With a good sum of salary they have managed to retain their employees. Their passion of work has turned them a renowned name even in global. 

The career is chiefly designed with the amount of remuneration but amiable nature is also a good thing to prosper. While talking about the truck driving industry, detailed surveys and study has made the statistics to assure that in the USA trucking industry is flourish at its fullest.

How to Become a Commercial Truck Driver in US?

Posted by Admin on 17. March 2016 21:16

The recent statistics obtained from several surveys are saying that the shortage of truck drivers in the market is hampering the flow of the economy. The transportation system in the United States of America needs a lot of drivers to regulate the heavy goods vehicles to make the cargo packers and communication companies. 

Here's the analysis report made by American Trucking Association on this matter:

Truck Drivers Shortage Analysis Report

Working in the United States of America as a commercial truck driver encompasses numerous points. The series of simple questions and doubts may shroud your mind and you will be left bewildered if any trustworthy guide is not there for you. However, here we are presenting a simple guide to you comprising the gradual steps of becoming a truck driver. 

The methods and researches one must go through before stepping into the realm of truck driving:

• Prudently decide about your career

You may have heard about many positive things about truck driving career. The salary and scope of travelling may prompt you to trail the job but there are certain consequences too that may frustrate you after years. So you must acquire a detailed study and plenty of researches to jot down the points to know whether this is a right career option for you. 


Source: ATA

• Know your quality

You are the only one who can assess your nerves most well so if you are thinking to opt for a career as a commercial truck driver in US under the influence of others then you may encounter an error. So step back and think hundred times if you are really eligible or willing to do the job. For understanding the industry some sort of professional opinions are must.

• Select a perfect driving school

When it comes to driving training school there is uncountable number of options. But you must be poised and calm before rushing to any course. There are authorized driving schools that hold adequate experienced trainers who can guide you in the best way.

• Earning the Commercial Driving License

Earning the commercial driving license for trucks is far more intricate than anybody can anticipate. So managing to achieve stressful and fast lessons and then opting the license is really challenging. Here's our post on Top 5 CDL Providers

• Practicing and preparing at individual effort

After getting all the possible guidance and managing a license one must go solo on the roads and need to dedicate some tiresome hours to get practical experience. That sometimes really appear enticing yet fearful to many abut after couple of months of practice it becomes easier to perform.

If you desire some amount of adventure in the sojourn of life then a career as a truck driver may ponder your deepest wish. The career opportunity will open the door of a new life to you.


Truckers and fleet-owners must e-file form 2290 for this HVUT period without fail

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Best Truck Driving Schools in the U.S

Posted by Admin on 8. March 2016 22:37

Searching and selecting a truck driving schools in the U.S. is an obvious question for all the initial beginners. While selecting the schools there are few things one must go through before enrolling to certain driving course. The first and foremost consideration should be whether it’s an accredited training institution or not. The institutions that meet the Professional Truck Driver Institute standard are the most reliable ones. Now the charge the school is taking from the students is a very vital thing to scrutinize.  One must check that whether the authority can claim any sort of hidden cost. Well another important matter is driving time that ensures a good lesson. Excluding the observation time the learners must have at least 44 hours of actual driving time. Another very pivotal matter to scrutinize is the instructors who will be the moral and practical support for you in the process. The good institutions maintain a good ratio between the students and trucks. Sometimes they provide driving placements in reputed companies for the eligible students. 

Here are Top 5 CDL Training Companies in the USA

1. FFE Transportation

Over 50 years FFE Transportation is providing outstanding license training. Most interestingly the CDL program at their company does not call for any charge as you will get employed at their own company after the completion of the course. Even there is no initial payment you need to pay them and after you get your check, post your employment no amount will be deducted from that. At FFE one can get dedicated positions at regional zone but only after attaining 3 to 6 months of experience. 

2. Prime transportation

Prime transportation is one of the most flourishing trucking companies that provide abundant scopes of learning commercial vehicle especially trucks, tractors and trailers. It provides a unique commercial training program as the drivers are sent to the practical zone to learn properly.  The instructors maintain a one on one connection to provide the best possible guidance. The fees structure is also very budget friendly for the initial learning drivers.

truck driver

Src: Flickr

3. Pam transport

Since 1980 Pam transport has been providing the specialized courses in the vehicle industry. Their education network is quite well known mainly around Texas.

4. Knight transportation

Since 1988 Knight Transportation is continuing their reputation in providing the truck driving course. The most amusing part is the company will bestow incredible salaries, incentives and benefits upon the employers.

5. SWIFT transportation

SWIFT transportation is one of the popular names in the U.S. industry. They offer a comprehensive course of less than a month. But they have another option for a long training period that comprises more than 2 years. 

Just survey and study in detail about the companies to take good measures in the truck driving training process.


Truckers and fleet-owners must e-file form 2290 for this HVUT period without fail

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The Top 5 Traits of a Truck Driver

Posted by Admin on 28. February 2016 23:57

Communication is a key to achieving progress in each and every sector. This is very true in the case of the companies that are engaged in the business of providing transportation of the people. Among different types of transportation, trucks play an important part in the particular sector. The demands for good truck drivers are always on the rise. For this very reason many youngsters in the various countries of the USA are opting for taking up this as the career option. Apart from being a good money maker, this is a good way for you to travel in different parts of the country, meet new people and see new places. 

Qualities for becoming a good truck driver

As it is true for other professions, you need to have certain qualities for becoming a good truck driver. Without these qualities you will not be able to survive for long in this sector. The following are some of the qualities that are required to make a good truck driver:

1. Driving skills

If you are a truck driver, you will be spending most of the time on the roads. The roads will be your best friend as well as your greatest enemy. You need to be able to control the roads with your skillful driving. You will be spending most of the time behind the steering wheel, manning the huge vehicle. Thus the first and the foremost quality that you need to have is the skill of driving the truck in such a way that no harm comes to you, the other travelers on the road and to the truck as well.

truck 2290

Src: Flickr

2. Communication skills

While you are on the roads, you will need to be in constant contact with the owners of the company and the clients, from the start of the loading till the end of the delivery process. Thus, it is absolutely necessary for you to learn the skills of maintaining a proper contact with all the parties. Even in times of distress, a set of good communication skills can save the day for you.

3. Boldness

A life of a truck driver is always full of adventures and challenges. You must be bold enough to face any unforeseen situations in a proper manner. This will help you if you happen to fall in any type of danger. You must have the courage to see danger in the eye and stare it down. 

4. Alertness

You must always stay alert when you are behind the wheel of the truck. A slight lack of alertness on the road can cause many deadly accidents.

5. Technical knowledge

It is possible that the truck may break down in the middle of nowhere. There you will have to take matters in your own hand and fix the truck, be it in a temporary manner and get to a safe and secure location for the time being. For this, a good truck driver must have the technical know-how of the various machinery parts if the truck.

Thus, if you have all the above mentioned skills in you, then you can step into the shoes of becoming a successful truck driver in the USA.