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Etax2290.com always honors the customers with regular offers/coupons in order to reduce their burden. Etax2290 aims to provide efficient 2290 tax filing experience to the tax filers at reasonable rates; we still include occasional discounts for various junctures. So it is the customer’s call to pick the offers on time and apply while e-filing Form 2290 truck tax returns through Etax2290.com.

What is Special with Etax2290 Coupons/Offers?

It is always special to pay the reduced charges for any service. When you can reduce the payment amount that you need pay, what is the point in paying the full amount. With the coupons and offers you can reduce considerable amount from your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax payment. Hence, look for the periodic offers and coupons from Etax2290 to slash your payment amount.

How to Apply Coupons While E-filing Form 2290?

Applying the obtained coupons is a simple task for the regular HVUT Form 2290 tax filers with Etax2290.com

  • Create free account and login in to your account.
  • Start e-filing Form 2290 as per instructions.
  • Review the filled details before submitting the application.
  • Next step is to pay for your service, where you can find “Discount on your payment.”
  • Check the “Redeem Coupon” checkbox to enable the discount.
  • Enter the coupon code in the provided textbox.
  • Click on “Get Discount”.
  • After submitting, you will get the discounted amount to pay at the “Payment Amount after Discount” textbox.
  • You just need to pay the amount after the discount and get your IRS stamped scheduled 1 in minutes.

For instance, if you received a coupon code “FB2290” by liking our Facebook page, enter the coupon code in the given textbox to get the discount. Then, enter the credit card and billing information to complete your payment for our service.