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Sharing is always a best practice. When you are benefited out of something, it is wise to recommend with your friends. You are a joyful customer of etax2290 and why cannot you share the benefits of tax filing with When you tell a friend about etax2290, it means you are more concerned about their benefits and are sharing the most important thing that they need while filing 2290 form.Tell to Your Friend about and Its Special Offer

Why It Is wise to choose

We can help you out in listing the benefits that you get while you choose etax2290 for filing your Form 2290. Just go on. 

  • 1.     As a trucker you are always on a move, so you do not find ample time to file your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) on time. understands your situation better and provides a complete Mobile friendly site. Hence you can fill Form 2290 on the go from anywhere and anytime.
  • 2. provides Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)Correction at FREE of cost for their valuable customers. To opt this free service the customers can contact etax2290 via e-mail or call us. Once the request is placed, processes the application and takes essential steps to make sure that the IRS does not double charge the tax to the customers.
  •  3.    Filing Form 2290through is simple and it is 4 Step ProcessFor a new customer, you need to register for FREE, Login into your account, Fill the tax details, and submit the information.
  • 4.    We ensure that our tax professional customers get exclusive pricing; each and every e-filer has a single account access which allows unlimited filings under that account.
  • 5.    Etax2290 electronic filing service makes e-filing process a lot easier and quicker as etax2290 offers a user-friendly interface. We save much of your time and effort as you know need to wait in IRS office queue.
  • 6.   According to the guidelines of IRS when you are filing tax for more than 25 vehicles, it is mandatory to file them electronically. It may be hectic when filing tax returns or Form 2290 for a dozen of fleets. But offers a better way to file, we offer bulk upload feature which allows the tax professionals to upload hundreds of trucks in minutes. And more importantly, you can discount for bulk filing.
  • 7.   Etax2290 offers the customers a relaxing experience when you follow our documented instructions and review on-screen hints.
  • 8.  Etax2290 ensures to process your application instantly and you get stamped Schedule 1 in minutes. With us you get instant tax audit and text message notification. We keep our tax payers updated on the status of their application.
  • 9.   Still, need more discounts? Then Like us on Facebook and get $5 off on your filing fee. Use promo code 2017ET15 and get 15% off on your stamped schedule 1. 
  • 10.   The tax amount is calculated instantly after you have filled the tax details and our tax experts ensure that the truck tax amount is accurate before reporting the IRS.
  • 11.   What to do if you are stuck up in middle of the filing process? have 24/7 online support to guide you throughout the filing process. Or you can call us at 703 229 0326. Remember that you are only a call away from a team of experienced tax experts and e-file specialists.
  • 12.   For detailed instructions about filing Form 2290, recent updates of IRS rules and IRS contact numbers, check our etax2290 FAQ section.

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