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It is a common misconception that certain vehicles do not necessarily need to file the Form 2290 due to their reported mileage or transportation use. ETax2290 is here to inform you that the aforementioned myth is nothing more than a misunderstanding that can certainly cost a heavy vehicle owner/operator. The Internal Revenue Service is known for the harsh financial penalties that they place onto delinquent and tardy filers, and you definitely do not want to feel their wrath. Therefore, it is important to understand the reason why almost all heavy vehicle operators must file the Form 2290 for all of their eligible vehicles.

Many have approached the ETax2290 Customer Support team asking whether they must file for the Form 2290 even though their vehicle is suspended or used for agricultural/logging, and we always reply with a “YES!” Although your vehicle may not qualify for the given tax payment, the Form 2290 should still be filed for it because the Internal Revenue Service and other federal transportation agencies want to keep track of all of the heaviest vehicles in the nation. Regardless of your vehicle’s status, it is important that you get its Form 2290 filed. Though the heavy vehicle use tax payment may not be necessary in a particular owner/operators case, the filing of Form 2290 is definitely essential or one may be hit with a ruthless financial penalty.

ETax2290 makes e-filing a Form 2290 easy, simple and quick. Our service asks for all the pertinent information for filing the Form 2290 and will automatically transfer that information into the document. As long as all of a filer’s information is correct the Form 2290 will be accurate and approved by the Internal Revenue Service within twenty minutes. Our service makes filing the form for multiple trucks so much easier, and we even break down the “Vehicle Information” screen into different categories: taxable vehicles, credit request, suspended vehicles and sold suspended vehicles, and when they input the information for their vehicle they will be asked whether that vehicle is used for logging or agricultural purposes. We making e-filing that much easier!

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