E-file Form 2290 Taxes with Our Premium Services to Save Time

Although it appears that most users looking for an e-filing service provider are truck owner/operators who might have a handful of vehicles which require the complete filing of the Form 2290, it is important to also note the fact that many tax professionals are hired by truck fleets to file for hundreds of trucks at a time. Not all e-filing services provide the “Premium Service” like ETax2290, which allows filers who must file for a lot of vehicles to simply upload a spreadsheet containing: the filer’s business information, the vehicles’ information, the tax credit information and the payment information. Based on this information, the tax professionals at ETax2290 will manually file the Tax Form 2290 and submit it to the Internal Revenue Service.

This “Premium Service” is a bit more expensive than the self-service, but it does not require the filer to find time out of their day to sit down at their computer and input all the necessary information into our system. This service is just as efficient as self-service, except our support team takes care of everything! Tax professionals are tasked with the duty of filing multiple forms for multiple clients and we attempt to ease the stress by providing a service that can help consolidate the filings. There is no need to waste hours filing for multiple vehicles through our system when we can do it for you nearly instantaneously and stress-free. Find some other work to do because we have this task covered.

Fleet owners and tax professionals now have the opportunity to file multiple vehicles through the ETax2290 “Premium Service,” which allows the tax experts at ETax2290 bear the responsibility of completing the filing for the Form 2290 for customers. Customers no longer have to manually add each vehicle under their business name, but can simply move their own spreadsheet of vehicle information into our “Premium Service” excel spreadsheet. The support team at ETax2290 will then manually file the Form 2290 for each of those vehicles in quickly submit the completed form to the IRS. Tax professionals: work smarter, not harder and use our “Premium Service” today!

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