Social Media – How It Affects HVUT Market to Efile Form 2290 with Discount?

Social media plays a big part in this generation from what we hear and see every day. Facebook and Twitter have opened up major avenues for companies to reach their customers. If utilized correctly online marketing can be your biggest asset. With many customers using the internet to research companies and the competition it’s the perfect opportunity to tap directly into the marketplace.Many companies choose online marketing rather than the traditional method because there is no direct rejection. Traditional methods such as cold-calling, and actually going to talk to a customer’s face to face have become a lost art. 

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Etax2290 has taken note of this and has learned to utilize it to the fullest. We employ a marketing team that has quickly given us the upper hand in this race. Social media gives us the ability to reach an entirely different sect of customers. This generation is all about instant results and quick information. Facebook and Twitter give us the ability to post valve information on a daily basis. It also allows us to link blog and news articles with important Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) and IRS Form 2290 information. Etax2290 has also utilized YouTube in its online marketing; we have made numerous videos with step by step instructions to filing Form 2290. We have made videos with IRS news updates such as the delayed filing of last year. We have registered over 10 social media sites with the goal of developing an even wider customer base. These social networks may be smaller compared to Facebook and Twitter but they give us a different audience, people that we normally wouldn’t reach through traditional methods.

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For those who were unaware, is able to electronically file the respective Schedules for Form 2290, and Form 8849, ETax2290 & ETax8849 are trusted by many of the largest carriers and service providers in North America. If you have any questions, please contact us at our USA-based customer support center in Herndon, VA at 703-229-0326 or email us at

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