Tax Calculation: Form 2290 Truck Tax

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Calculating the Form 2290 Tax

Simply speaking, the HVUT is determined by the tax period length, gross weight of the vehicle, and the category of the vehicle. Here is a breakdown of the different factors.

  • 1. Tax Period Length: The tax year for these HVUT runs from July to June. If the vehicle is in service in July, it is taxed using the normal rate. If the vehicle begins service any time after July, then it is taxed by the partial year rates.
  • 2. Gross Vehicle Weight: This is the total weight of the fully equipped vehicle ready for service, the empty trailer weight, and the weight of the maximum load capacity for the vehicle in question.
  • 3. Vehicle Category: The taxable vehicles are either commercial or agricultural vehicles. Exempt vehicles include government trucks, blood transport vehicles, etc.,

Purpose of HVUT

The Heavy Vehicle Use Tax is assessed yearly on any vehicles weighing over 55,000 pounds which are driven 5,000 miles or more each year. The reason for this tax is to “level the playing field,” because heavy vehicles do more damage to the roads than smaller cars and trucks. This tax helps to maintain national highways, improve structures, and fund other things associated with the department of transportation.

Form 2290 Truck Tax Uses

IRS Form 2290 is a form that truck owners use to calculated and pay their HVUT. Additionally, if your truck is driven less than 5,000 miles (7,500 miles for agricultural vehicles), you can use this form to claim a suspension from the tax. Vehicles that are destroyed, stolen, or sold may qualify for a credit using Form 2290. Also, if your truck’s taxable gross weight decreases or increases to a different weight category, you can use this document to figure and pay the new required tax.

Filing Form 2290 Electronically With Our Services

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