Tax 2290 - How to calculate form 2290 tax ?

The amount of tax to be paid when filing tax 2290 is determined by 3 factors.

  • The month first Used
  • The category the vehicle falls under
  • The weight of the Vehicle

The Month First Used designates the date the vehicle became taxable. If you are filing for an entire tax year which means you had ownership of the vehicle before the start of the tax year then you would choose month first used as July. The tax year for tax 2290 runs from July - June. If you bought the vehicle after July of the tax period then you would select the month first used as the month you acquired the vehicle.


  • Taxable- Vehicle is taxable per IRS tax 2290 Guidelines.
  • Suspended- Vehicle is not taxable due to low mileage driven or Agricultural Use
  • Sold- Vehicle is no longer in your name and has been sold.

The Weight of the Vehicle:

This is the loaded Gross Weight of the Vehicle.
Based on these factors you tax amount due will be calculated and you must then choose a payment method to pay the IRS.

When to file tax 2290 form ?

Tax 2290 form should be filed for each month a taxable vehicle is first used on public highways during the current tax year. The current tax period begins July 1 and ends June 30 of the processing year. The Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) tax 2290 form must be filed by the last day of the month following the month of first use. The filing rules apply whether you are paying the tax or reporting suspension of the tax. Possible penalties may be applied on failing to submit your tax 2290 form. IRS will send a notice up to the tax payer up on identifiling the penalty and it should be payed separately to fulfill the tax 2290 form guidlines.

What are the tax payment options available to complete tax 2290 form ?

IRS will not accepte credit cards to pay your tax for tax 2290 form. Tax payers needs to collect their bank account number and bank routing number in order to complete tax 2290 form. There are 3 payments options availble for filing tax for tax 2290 form. Direct debit, check payment, EFTPS. Direct debit is the most convenient way of filing tax 2290. It requires tax payers to fill in their bank account details so that IRS can collect tax amount from their bank account. EFTPS is a secured online payment system with which filers can pay tax 2290. Check payment option is only availalble to paper filers. IRS no longer accepts check payment through electronic filing. Hense it is advised for tax payers to use direct debit as irs tax 2290 payment option to complete irs tax 2290 filing process.

What is a schedule 1 ?

Schedule 1 is the document which proves that a truck operator filed his tax 2290. When a truck operator files tax 2290, irs gives this schedule1 back by including a watermark in the file which showes it paid on the filed date. Truck operators then use this schedule1 copy in DMV to renew his registration tags. When a customer files his tax 2290 with us, we make sure the submission is processed in a way that it reduces the time duration between submission, acceptance of tax 2290 form and retrival of schedule1 and transmitting back that schedule 1 to the customer.

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