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Form 2290 is also known as Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return. This form is required to be fulfilled, if you are a truck owner or tractor trailer owner or bus owner. Filing this form is important for all such vehicle owners, provided that their vehicle operates at highways. We help you to file this form with ease. Through our electronic form filing system, we help filling up the form 2290, and then submit it online to the IRS website.

Form 2290 is required to be filed if your vehicle weighs minimum 55,000 pounds or more. Another criterion is that it should be used on the public highways. If fleet exceeds 25 vehicles, it becomes mandatory for you to fill up this form. Filling up and then filing this form is not rocket science, though the process is quite exhausting. This is why you need professional service provider like us. We help you filing the Form 2290 accurately, matching all requirements of IRS with high end precision.

Advantages of Filing Form 2290 Online with Us

Paper filing is time consuming and a hectic job. Hence, online filing of 2290 form is definitely a good way. We help our clients to fill up forms and file them properly through eServices for form submission.

There are a few different options available to you when you are looking to file your Excise Tax Return. In this section we will talk about the three different ways and which one will be best for you.

What are some of the ways to file?

ETAX2290 offers three ways to file your IRS Form 2290 for excise tax and will help you decide which one is best for you. Each case is different and what works for one person’s situation may not work for another. What we offer helps take away the stress and worry that usually comes with preparing taxes and even if you file yourself we can help file the information about their vehicles.

  • Fleet Owner

    The first way we will talk about is the fleet owner method. First, you need to create an account with us, which will store your information for you and keep it saved for however long you need to work on it.

    We will automatically complete all math involved in your taxes and will help you step by step in adding each and every vehicle you own.

    Our interface is easy to follow, will help you get your forms filled out quickly, and using our downloadable completed form we assure all information will be added correctly.

  • Tax Professional

    The next way to use our service is if you are a tax professional. We offer a way for you to sign on to your account and you will find all of the businesses you are working on all right there saved for you.

    We also offer discounts based on how many files you need to upload so the more you upload the more you save on each one. We have templates designed to auto fill all details on to an Excel template and you can then choose to upload or email it to wherever you need it too.

    We also offer for one price unlimited registrations for every business you are need to add to our program.

  • Premium Service

    ETAX2290 also offers a premium service in which we take care of it all. We will take the time to complete the IRS form and this will save you a lot of time and could save you a lot of hassle. We can take care of all the uploading, filling all of the important VIN numbers and details, and we will then upload all files to be saved to our system for as long as needed. After all work is completed we would then file your form 2290 on your behalf and mail it off for you. This service is reasonably priced starting at $99.99

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    We also offer TIN matching program, know more about it here.

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