E-Filing Services for Premium Customers

ETAX2290 gives the ability to manage all their clients with a single login account, providing fast and easy 2290 e-filing to the customers. Our main objective is to save you and your customer’s time and effort.
  • We Do It

    ETAX2290 offers a unique feature of filing the IRS 2290 Form tax return on behalf of your customers to help you to save time and reduce your effort.

  • Bulk Upload

    For every vehicle in your client’s fleet, you can upload an Excel file/sheet containing the vehicle information. The bulk upload works for taxable vehicles, suspended vehicles and credit vehicles (Sold/stolen/destroyed and low mileage).

  • Filing of return

    To filing of 2290 tax return will be done by ETAX2290 on behalf of you and we would ensure that you receive the stamped schedule 1 copy either by email or mail services. Single Sign-in.