Efile Form 2290 - Benefits Of Efiling

The Benefits of E-filing Form 2290

Form 2290 is otherwise known as the Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return, needs to be filed if you are have a truck, tractor trailer, truck tractor, or buses that are used on public highways during the fiscal year of July 1 to June 30 of any given year. In this section we will give you the many reasons why e-filing is the best way to go when filing out this form.

Why do I need to file 2290 tax?

This form needs to be filled out if your vehicle’s weighs over 55,000 pounds or more and if it was used on public highways. This tax is levied to the owners of the large trucks or buses by the federal highway tax. This is a form that all fleet owners need to fill out to get a Stamped Schedule 1 form given to them; this form makes the owner to be able to register their fleet. If your fleet exceeds 25 vehicles or more you must file your form 2290 online regardless, but if you only have a few, even then it is a good idea to file online, as this is the way the IRS prefers to receive this form.

What are some other advantages to filing online?

First, paper filing can be very time consuming and filling out the form accurately can be a daunting task for a non-tax professional. You also will need to go stand in line to get stamps and mail the forms to send it into the IRS, this can take a lot of time as well. You will also set yourself up to make more mistakes when you are calculating the numbers yourself without the help of a tax program like ETAX2290.

Another reason to look into e-filing is the fact that maintaining good records will be very hard to attain and if you have to look back at past forms you may be confused or even loose them. The obvious best way to keep all records together is by keeping them online in a safe account like on ETAX2290. You can be assured that using ETAX2290 to help you file your 2290 form will be accurate and the software we offer is very easy to follow and learn. You can also add all your fleet to one account so you will file them all together and keep everything neat and organized. Another great reason to file online is the less impact on the environment by using no paper at all. Lastly, when you e file using ETAX2290 you will be issued your Schedule 1 form very quickly so you can register your vehicles quickly.

This is a great way to keep track of all your work, get it down quickly, and make sure everything is accurate. Please remember if you have a truck fleet of over 25 vehicles you must file online anyway but even if you do not this way truly is the easiest way.

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